Chapter 12- Selling Overview

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
A system that involves finding customers & keeping them satisfied
Call Report
A written report that documents a sales representatives visit w/ a customer including the purpose and outcome of the visit
Sales Quota
A dollar or unit sales goal set for the sales staff to achieve in a specific period of time
What is the purpose of selling?
To help customers make satisfying buying decisions
What is the goal of selling?
To create ongoing profitable relationships with customers
What are the six trends and technologies that help business with customer management?
Websites/social media, E-mail, Customer Loyalty Program, Computer Software, Mobile Devices, Partnerships
Why is having information about customers important for a business?
To make them come back and have loyal customers
Why would a business offer incentives to their sales people?
Encourage them to sell more and encourage their sales people
What role does sales management play in the sales process?
Make sure they are selling the right way & train them properly
Why is it important that businesses make sure their sales reps are being ethical when selling to customers?
So there’s no problems, they want their business to work hard & keep their customers
Personal Selling
Any direct contact between a sales person
Organizational Selling
Business to business selling
Cold Call
A sales visit w/o an appointment
Telephone sales
Extensive Decision Making
A type of customer decision making used when there has been little or no previous experience with an item offered for sale
Limited Decision Making
Used when a person buys goods and services that he/she has purchased before but not regularly
Routine Decision Making
A type of customer decision making used when a person needs little information about a product he or she is buying
How does personal selling differ from other forms of promotion?
Personal selling involves two-way communication between buyer or seller. Forms of promotion- one-way such as radio or t.v. ad
What are the four main types of sales positions?
Retail, Industrial & service, telemarket/nonprofit, online
What is the Do Not Call Registry?
A law established in 2003 that if you register your #, they can’t call you
What impact has the Do Not Call Registry had on telemarketing?
Drastically cut down the number of people telemarketers could call
List the seven steps of a sale
Approach the customer, Determine needs, Present the product, Overcome objections, close the sale, suggestions selling and build relationships
Why is building relationships important in sales?
It helps with future business
What are the benefits of having a career in sales?
Career advancement, Benefits for being a top seller, car allowances and expense accounts, commission on sales
List three characteristics of successful salespeople.
Honesty, Interpersonal skills, Problem-solving
Why is selling an important marketing function?
It helps sales teams find and qualify leads and maintains contact with prospects throughout the sales cycle
What technology and marketing programs helps customer relationship management?
Customer relationship management technologies have become accessible and cost-effective as technology solutions have increased & prices have dropped
Why do sales people have to be ethical?
So there’s no problems, they want their business to work hard & keep their customers
How are retail customers pre-sold and how does that affect the salesperson’s job?
People see the product advertised even before they see it in person, they are already satisfied
How do inside and outside sales positions differ in organizational selling situations?
Inside-your office
outside- the customer’s office
What factors determine whether a customer will use extensive, limited, or routine decision making when making a purchase?
Previous experience, interest, perceived risk of negative consequences, social visibility
Customer relationship marketing involves
Finding customers
The purpose and goal of selling is to
Help customer make satisfying buying decisions, create an ongoing relationship with customers, generate sales for the company, help the company make a profit
A sales order or purchase order
is a legal agreement between a buyer and seller
After greeting the customer face-to-face, the next step in the sales process
Determine the customer’s needs
Car allowances and expense accounts are considered
Perks of a job and perquisites of a job
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