Chapter 10 Medical Office Management and Safety

Intentional release of a biologic agent with the intent to harm an individual
Body Mechanics
Using the correct muscles and posture to complete a task safely and efficiently.
Financial planning tool that helps an organization estimate its anticipated expenditures and revenues.
Compliance Officer
Person charged with ensuring that a facility follows laws and protocols.
disease affects numerous people within a specific geographical area
The study of human physical characteristics and their environment to minimize the risk for injury through the use of appropriate adaptive equipment.
Expected Threshold
A numerical goal
Incident reports
A form used by a n organization to document an unusual occurrence to a patient, visitor, or employee
Job Description
Informs employees about the essential job duties and expectations for a given position.
Mission Statement
A statement describing the goals of the medical office and those it serves.
Organizational Chart
A flow sheet depicting the members of a team in a structured or hierarchical manner.
Disease affects numerous people in many areas of the world at the same time.
A statement that reflects the organizations rules on a given topic.
Series of steps required to perform a given tasks
Quality Improvement
Plan that allows an organization to scientifically measure the quality of its product and service
Task Force
Group of employees that works together to solve a given problem.

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