Chapter 10.1 study guide answers Evolution biology 9

What two conditions must be true for a group of animals to be considered the same species?
They can reproduce and have fertile offspring.

Lamarck’s ideas of evolution are known as inheritance of acquired characteristics. What was incorrect about his theory of how organisms evolve?
The theory is incorrect because acquired characteristics do not get passed on to descendents because they are not in our genes.

In the 1700’s many people believed the species were fixed and did not change. How did plant hybridization- a type of crossing that could be observed in experiments- help change this view?
It showed that new species of organisms could be created by mating/crossing two similar, but different species of organisms.

What word refers to the traces of an organism that existed in the past?

What is the process of biological change by which descendants come to differ from their ancestors?

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Events such as volcanoes, floods, earthquakes are the basis of what geologic theory?

What geologic theory can be summarized by the phrase “the present is the key to to the past”?

Charles Derwin’s poetic father
E. Darwin

Thought that a giraffes long neck evolved from reaching high in the trees.

Grouped living organisms into categories based on what they looks like

Wrote historie naturelle ( natural history) in 1749

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