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Interview Prep: Stryker Orthopaedic Trauma ; Spine ASR

question Job Description answer To qualify for sales representative territory responsibilities: – I will immerse myself in product training and testing, interact with surgeons and gain operating room exposure, and observe the sales calls/tactics with the mentorship of a Senior Sales Representative and the Area Sales Director. To be competitive, consistently attaining and exceeding training […]

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Chapter 1 – Intro to Systems Analysis & Design
23 Sep 2020 Database

question True answer Systems planning is the first of five phases in the systems development life cycle (SDLC). A. True B. False question Information Technology (IT) answer Refers to the combination of hardware, software, and services that people use to manage, communicate, and share information. question Systems Analysis and Design answer A step-by-step process for […]

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WOB – Owners/Investors
21 Sep 2020 Database

question What are the three primary forms of business ownership? answer 1) Sole proprietorships 2) Partnerships 3) ‘C’ Corporations question What are the hybrid forms of business ownership? answer 1) Limited Liability Company (LLC) 2) Benefit Corporation question What are the 2 key tradeoffs of business forms? answer 1) Liability 2) Tax Treatment question What […]

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US History Business Cycle

question Business cycle? answer The periodic but irregular up-and-down movements in economic activity, measured by fluctuations in real GDP and other macroeconomic variables. question What is a contraction? answer A slowdown in the pace of economic activity. question What is a trough? answer The lower turning point of a business cycle, where a contraction turns […]

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UGA MIST 2090 Quiz 5

question Uni-Directional Marketing Message answer company can control the message question *4 P’s* answer *product, price, place, promotion* question majority fallacy answer assuming the majority is the target market question Multi-directional conversation answer Company does not control the message – people do question *4 C’s* answer *customer, cost, convenience, communication* question Bidirectional conversation answer users […]

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Testout Practice Questions (2.3.4 – 4.10.3)

question eut answer thx question Which of the follow information is typically not included in an access token? answer Group membership User security identifier User rights *User account password* question Marcus White has just been promoted to a manger. To give him access to the files that needs, you make his user account a member […]

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Supply Chain Management Chapter 8

question Customer service is anything that touches the customer. answer T question Most organizations employ all six definitions of customer service in their order management process. answer F question Customer relationship management is a new concept only recently receiving attention. answer F question Firms today are beginning to use techniques such as activity-based costing to […]

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Sociology Chapter 6 – Deviance and Crime

question gang answer according to sociologist and criminologist: an ongoing group of people often young, who band together for purposes generally considered to be deviant or criminal by the larger society question deviance answer * any behavior, belief, condition that violates social norms in the society or group in which it occurs EX: drinking too […]

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Chapter 15 – Respiratory Emergencies

question What is dyspnea? answer Shortness of breath question The most common form of COPD is ________. – Asthma – Bronchitis – Emphysema – Pneumonia answer The most common form of COPD is ________. – Asthma – Bronchitis *- Emphysema* – Pneumonia question A ________ is a collection of fluid between the lung and chest […]

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question Which of the following is not a focus of modern CRM? answer d. reduction in transactional relationships question Economic benefits associated with maintaining relationships with current customers include: answer a. acquisition cost for new customers are huge question The basic ideas forming the foundation of customer loyalty for small firms include the notion that […]

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Quickbooks 2014 Flashcards Chapter 1

question Which screen provides a summary of important company information? A. Company Information B. Company Snapshot C. Home Page D. Company Center answer B. Company Snapshot question In QuickBooks, how do you can enter transaction information? A. Onscreen forms and scanned images of transaction forms B. Onscreen forms and QuickBooks reports C. Onscreen Journal and […]

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Principles of Accounting Ch 8

question Which of the following steps of the accounting cycle are in the correct order answer prepare a trial balance, make adjustments, prepare financial statements question What is the purpose of the post-closing trial balance answer to prove the equality of the debit and credit balances in the general ledger accounts question The Item column […]

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Personal Finance Reading Check 1

question Generally, as income rises, the average propensity to consume answer decreases question Ideally, retirement planning should begin answer none of these question While you are still working, you should be managing your finances for retirement planning. Which of the following is not a goal of your retirement planning? answer effectively passing wealth on to […]

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OM 305

question The “father” of scientific management is answer Frederick W. Taylor. question The three major business functions necessary to all organizations are answer marketing, finance/accounting, production/operations. question Which of these is NOT one of the basic functions of the management process. answer Inspecting question Which of these statements accurately captures a current trend in operations? […]

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MIT Chapter 8

question e-commerce (electric commerce) answer systems that support electronically executed business transactions question electronic data interchange (EDI) answer uses private communications networks – VANs – to transmit standardized transaction data between business partners and suppliers -reduce amount of paperwork and need for human intervention -beginning of e-commerce question Value-added networks (VANs) answer private communications networks […]

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question which of the following best describe a byte in a database answer It is a character of data question SQL stands for answer Structured querry Language question Refers to software system that support very high transaction rates. Processing relatively simple data data structures replicated on many severs in the cloud answer NoSQL DBMS question […]

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MGT Exam 1 Ch 1-6 (Practice Questions)

question Getting work done through others is called leading. answer False question Today, office supervisor Marion assigned Todd the task of preparing a sales presentation for an important client. In so doing, Marion is performing the organizing function of management. answer True question Only top managers engage in all four of the management functions. answer […]

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MGMT – Chapter 2

question Management is characterized as an art and as a science. answer True question Evidence-based management means translating principles based on best evidence into organizational practice. answer True question An attitude of commitment refers to a willingness to set aside belief and conventional wisdom and to act on the facts. answer False question Those who […]

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MGMT 275
16 Aug 2020 Database

question ____ , relatively new approach to partnering, takes place when a service provided comes inside a partner’s facilities and helps the partner design and manage its supply chains. answer Inflitrating question Organizations (typically nonprofit) that are formed by firms in the same industry to collect and disseminate trade information, offer legal and technical advice, […]

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Marketing – Chapter 2 Strategy

question What is the definition of strategic planning? answer Process of developing and maintaining a strategic fit between the organizations goals and strategies and its changing market opportunities. question Why does every company need strategic planning? answer Each company must find a game plan fro long term survival and growth that makes the most sense […]

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Management Information Systems Final Exam.

question ethics answer a system of moral principles that human beings use to judge right & wrong & to develop rules of conduct. question natural laws & rights answer an ethical system that judges the morality of an action based on how well it adheres to broadly accepted rules, regardless of the actions’ actual consequences. […]

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