CH14: International and Culturally Diverse Aspects of Leadership

A term developed to replace diversity (with respect to organizations) is
Diversity is most likely to enhance business performance when
The organization culture supports diversity
A marketing advantage of having a multicultural work force is that
A marketing campaign can be more readily developed to read a targeted ethnic or racial group
Call center namer Charlie has a strong performance orientation value, so he is likely to
Encourage high standards of performance at the call center
Hospital administrator Amanda has an urgent time orientation so she is likely to
Value time as a scare resource
Workers with a high-power-distance value tend to accept the idea that
People have unequal power throughout the firm.
The typical behavior of French managers in major French corporations illustrates how
Cultural values influence leadership style
A study of about 450 German managers indicated that they had a pronounced cultural value related to
A strong performance orientation
When faced with conflict, a Malaysian manager is likely to
Be diplomatic in finding a solution
In contrast to his or her souther counterpart, the stereotypical U.S. northern manager is likely to be
Brusque and impatient for results
Major account executive Katrina is visiting another country, and soon discovers that her customers will not talk about business until the group has dined together for several hours. Katrina would show cultural sensitivity by
Trying to understand the dining tradition
To motivate foreign workers to actually but, the sales representative should be
What are 3 sources of cultural misunderstandings
1. Language differences
2. Work habits
3. Women’s roles
What are 3 components of cultural intelligence?
1. Cognitive CQ (head)
2. Physical CQ (body)
3. Emotional/motivational CQ (heart)
To achieve a high level of cultural intelligence, your ______, ______ and ______ would have to work together smoothly
Head, body, and heart
It is recommended that the global leader must
Tap into a deep, universal layer of human motivation
According to research, two success factors for international management positions are
Sensitivity to cultural differences and being culturally adventurous
A contextual chameleon is a global leader who
Adapts to unfamiliar roles and environments
A study found that when executives on assignment overseas had low emotional intelligence, they often
Failed in their assignments
A major challenge in providing leadership to cross-cultural teams is that the team members may
Have different attitudes toward hierarchy and authority
A useful guideline in motivating workers from different cultures is to
Figure out which redress have high valence for them
The clearest commitment to valuing diversity occurs when
Values diversity is incorporated into organizational strategy
A key initiative for retaining minority group members and assisting in their advancement is
The major purpose of diversity training is to
Bring about workplace harmony
You know that you have good cultural intelligence when you can
Readily interpret the meaning of a smile from a foreigner
Todd, an American strategy specialist, visits his company’s Italian affiliate. He is introduced to Annette, a native Italian, and the human resources director of the Italian affiliate. Todd should probably
Lightly kiss Annette on both cheeks
Members of an employee network group
Affiliate on the basis of a group characteristic such as race
A problem in hiring for person-organization fit is that
Cultural diversity within the organization might become limited
A key characteristic of an organization with leadership diversity is that
There is a heterogeneous group of leaders
A major challenge in developing a diverse workforce has shown to be
Reducing turnover among the minority group member hired.
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