Which of the following is not one of the processes included in operational management
A supply chain is a global network of organizations and activities involved in
Designing, transforming, consuming, and disposing of goods and services
Operational managers answer question of what, how, when, where and who by defining both the ___________ and ___________ aspects of the operational management system
Capacity, facilities, and technology
Joe Jones was asked to undertake a project to determine the resources and capacity his firm would need in the next 3 to 10 years
Structural aspects of operations management
Physical goods can be differentiated from services in the operations management process by
Longer lead time and they can be inventoried
Which of the following functions would not have to think about processes
All listed functions
Which of the following statements about operations management processes is NOT true
Outputs of operation management processes are always tangible goods
Growth of the supply chain management perspective in operations management results from the advent of
All of the listed options
During the mass production era operations management focused primarily on
internal production
While there is overlap between op management and supply chain management the two are different in that
operations management focuses on processes, supply chain management focuses on relationships and flows
Johnson Company makes widgets which it then sends to Smith Company. Smith company puts the widgets into packages. Smith company is considered by Johnson to be a
Downstream product supplier
To an operations manager the “critical customer” is
The person who has the greatest impact on design, sales, and growth opportunities for the product
Which functional activities are most related to operations management attempt to manage the flow of materials and information in a firm?
Logistics, supply, and customer management
Jones Manufacturing sells a part to Lear Corporation. Lear puts this part into a radio which Lear then sells to Ford. From Ford’s point of view, Jones Manufacturing is a _______
Tier 2
Corporate strategic planning involves decisions related to
What businesses should we be in?
Functional strategic planning involves decisions related to:
What metrics should be used to ensure progress in operations management?
A well designed value proposition possesses four characteristics. Which of the following is NOT one of those characteristics?
It offers the highest product quality in each quality dimension
Which of the following is not true about “order qualifiers”?
All listed options are true qualifiers
Scantron Inc. claims that its competitors have to recall 10% of their products to fix detects, while it only has to recal 5%
Which of the following is considered a “process-related” competitive priority?
Xanadu Inc claims that its manufacturing processes result in less green-house gasses than those of its primary competitors. This suggests that Xanadu has a focus on
Which of the following is NOT considered a key characteristic of a core capability
It does not need to be extendable to many market opportunities
When operational capabilities are consistent with and supportive of the value proposition and the outcomes describes the concept of
A Vice President of Operations is interested in evaluating the impact of reducing expenses in manufacturing the firm’s ROA
Strategic Profit Model
You are an upper level manager in a firm and are concerned that corporate objectives are not effectively dissemaited throughout the organization and that line level managers do not take them account in making their decisions. Which of the following would best help you to try to correct this problem
The balanced scorecard
Which of the following is a measure common to both the Strategic Profit Model and the SCOR model?
Return on Assets
The performance measurement that would be most useful in measuring and describing supply chain processes would be
SCOR model
Process thinking causes managers to address critical process elements including:
All of the options are correct
Which of the following is not a basic activity type in process
You walk into a hair stylist shop. All stylists are busy and you sit in the waiting area. You are in which of the following process activities
Most processes involve two basic types of flows
Information flows and physical flows
A manager is currently unhappy with the capabilities of a particular process and wants to improve its capabilities. To accomplish this, the manager needs to focus on the process
Joe Jones, Plant Manager at Waco Industries, told a friend that if it was necessary his plant could produce 1000 items a day if all conditions were just right
Maximum capacity
Adam Smith described his company’s process as follows. “Under ideal conditions we can produce 10,000 units a day. However, our normal production is 6,000 units a day. Today, we actually produce 8,000 units.” Which of the following is true
Utilization was 133% of effective capacity
The sequence below shows four operations for a computer chip assembly process and effective capacity of each?
140 chips/hr
A bottleneck activity in a process is generally the activity with
The least capacity
Little’s Law suggest that the key to increased throughput is
Shorter flow times
A short-term, highly focused effort for improving a process is known as a
Kaizen event
Suppose you learn that a process has a long waiting time. Which of the following would decrease the waiting time
Decrease utilization
One implication of increase utilization in a process is that
Waiting time typically will go up
If a company is able to eliminate all source of variance in a process
Non of the above options are true
An example of a short term capacity decision is
Adding low-skilled labor
Which of the following statements about economies of scale is not true
Economies of scale refers to the fact that as volume increases, total cost of production decreases
Which of the following process structures can produce the widest variety of products
Job Shop
Which process type is not correctly matched with its descriptive characteristic
Repetitive process-customized products
Zanda Corp desires to have a process structure that has cost advantage similar to continuous or repetitive processes, but wants to product greater variety than those processes normally allow
Mass customization
Wanda Corp currently used a job shop process. It wants to maintain the advantages of this but increase effiency. Wanda should investigate:
Cellular manufacturing
Jones Company has to make to order orientation. It most likely does not use
Continuous process structure
Companies with a make-to-stock orientation are most likely to use which of the following process structures.
Repetitive process
Choose the service type which is correctly matched with one of its characteristics
Service Factory-facilities
Zanadu Corp has dedicated equipment and workers in a regularly sequence of activities. Zanadu has which type of operations layout
Product layout
John Jones is unhappy because each product his company makes takes a unique route through the facility processing times, which tend to be high. His company most likely has a
Process layout
A company needs to produce 400 units per day. There are 3 tasks to be completed, with a total task time of all 3 tasks of 6 minutes. The company should have
3 workstations
A company needs to produce 1,000 units per day. There are 6 tasks to be completed, with a total task time of 12 minutes. The company should have
25 workstations
A bakery has a choice of leasing different types of oven.
20,000 cakes

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