Ch. 6 – Urinary System

List three functions of the urinary system
a. Removes waste from body
b. Regulates fluid volumes
c. Maintains electrolyte concentrations in the body fluid

The urine-producing unit within the urinary system is the

Urine is carried from the kidneys to the bladder by the

The reservoir in the kidney that collects the urine is the
Renal pelvis

The muscular, hollow organ that temporarily holds the urine is the
Urinary bladder

The opening through which urine passes to the outside of the body is the
Urinary meatus

The combining forms that mean kidney are
nephr/o, ren/o

The combining form pyel/o is defined as
renal pelvis

The combining form tom/o is defined as
cut, section

The combining form vesic/o is defined as
Bladder, sac

The combining form that means night is

The combining form that means sugar is
Glyc/o, glycos/o

The combining form that means urea, nitrogen is

The combining form that means stone, calculus is

The word part that means water is

The prefix poly is defined as

The suffix iasis is defined as

The word part for drooping, sagging, prolapse is

The suffix that means suturing, repairing is

The suffix that means nourishment, development is

The term cystocele is defined as a(n)
Protrusion of the bladder

The term that means abnormal condition of water in the kidney is

The term ureterostenosis is defined as a(n)
Narrowing of the ureter

The term nephroptosis is defined as a(n
Drooping of the kidney

The term uremia means
Condition of urea in the blood

The term that means inflammation of the renal pelvis and the kidneys is:

The term that means excessive development of the kidney is:

The term that means a stone in the bladder is:

A congenital defect in which the urinary meatus is located on the upper surface of the penis is known as a:

The inability of the kidneys to produce urine is called:
Urinary suppression

Another term for renal calculi is
Renal calculus

When a cystorrhaphy is performed, the bladder is:
Suturing the bladder

The term nephrolysis is defined as the:
Separating the kidneys (from other body structures)

The term that means incision of the bladder is:

The creation of an artificial opening into the kidney is a:

The term lithotripsy is defined as:
Surgical crushing of a stone

Surgical fixation of the urethra is called:

The term pyelolithotomy is defined as the:
Incision of the renal pelvis to remove a stone

The term cystolithotomy is built from which of the following combinations of word parts?

A method that is commonly used to remove bladder growths and involves the destruction of living tissue with an electric spark is:

X-ray imaging of the bladder and the renal pelvis is called:

An x-ray image of the renal pelvis is called a:

An instrument used for visual examination of the bladder is called a:

A cystourethrogram is:
Radiographic image of the bladder and the urethra

The term nephrography is defined as the:
Radiographic imaging of the kidney

An x-ray image of the renal pelvis with contrast medium injected through the urethra via cystoscope is called a:
Retrograde urogram

An IVP is the abbreviation for an x-ray film of the:
Urinary tract (with contrast medium)

An instrument used to measure the specific gravity of urine is called a:

Which laboratory procedure(s) are (is) used to measure the concentrating or diluting ability of the kidneys?
Specific gravity (SG)

The term that means scanty urine is:

The study of the urinary tract is called:

The term hematuria is defined as:
Blood in the urine

The term that means absence of urine is:

The term diuresis is built from which of the following combinations of word parts?

The term incontinence means:
Inablilty to control bladder and/or bowels

A flexible, tubelike device for withdrawing or instilling fluids is a:

The term enuresis is defined as
Involuntary urination

A synonym for urination is:

An agent that increases the amount of urine produced is called:

The term that means pertaining to the force and flow of urine within the urinary tract is:

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