Ch 5-8 Operations Management

Database systems, artificial intelligence programs and voice-recognition software are examples of
Soft Technology
All organizations face common issues regarding technology. Which item below does not belong on the list of issues?
Robots must be programmed to operate the equipment
Information technology has significantly affected health care. Which of the following is not an outcome?
Faster Exchange of handwritten charts between physicians
And nurses
Which of the following would not be an activity a return facilitator handles?
Recommending a new supplier
Which of the following is not a major characteristic of a customer relationship management system (CRM)?
Monitoring the quality levels of products
_______ involves computer control of a manufacturing process, such as determining tool movements and cutting speeds.
Computer Aided Manufacturing CAM
Which of the following enables engineers to design, analyze, test, simulate, and “manufacture” products before they physically exist?
Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) has advantages over conventional manufacturing approaches under many conditions. Which of the following is not such a condition?
When homogenous parts are manufactured
Which of the following would not be included in a typical Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)?
supply chain inventory management
All of the following are benefits of adopting technology except
Easier to protect employees and customers privacies
Which of the following is not a principal dimension of a servicescape?
facility location
A bank provides four sequential services to its customers. Over the last quarter, the reliability of each of these services was 92%, 97%, 95% and 90%. What is their overall reliability?
A system design consisting of several parallel components that function independently of each other and where the system fails only if all the parallel components fail is an example of
Which of the following is not a principal issue in service encounter design?
Facility location
Which of the following steps is not the same for both goods and services?
detailed goods, services and process design
In a design specification 25 ± 1.5, the value 25 is called the ____, while ± 1.5 is called the ____.
Nominal, tolerance
If a redundant component is added to a system, the overall system reliability
Will increase
The fundamental planning tool used to implement Quality Function Deployment is the
House of Quality
Quality Function Deployment (QFD) starts with
Voice of the customer
Regarding the first House of Quality, the interrelationship between any pair of technical features is found in
the roof
Taguchi’s loss function is most closely associated with
Tolerance design
High customer contact systems would most commonly be found in ____.
Front office operations
Which of the following is not a principal element in service encounter design?
Technology and information support systems
Which of the following is not a principal dimension of the servicescape?
Facility location
A(n) ____ is a promise to reward and compensate a customer if a service upset occurs.
Service guarantee
Customer contact, for the purpose of classifying a system as being high-contact or low-contact, is measured by
the percentage of time the customer must be in the system relative to the total time it takes to provide the service
Objectives of service guarantees include all of the following except
Allowing reduced pricing
A manufacturing firm that produces a standardized product, not made of discrete parts, with little-to-no customization, with high demand, is most likely to use this type of process.
Continous flow
Ships, weddings and estate planning are examples of ____ goods and services
Make to order
Dell computers and Subway sandwiches are examples of ____ goods.
Automobile factories and hospital laboratory work are examples of
Flow shop process
What type of process would a paper mill most likely use?
Continuous flow process
____ offer customers broad freedom to select the pathways that are best suited for their immediate needs and wants from many possible pathways through the service delivery system.
Customer routed pathways
During which phase of a product’s life cycle does low unit cost become a top competitive priority?
A(n) ____ is a group of ____ needed to create and deliver an intermediate or final output.
Activity; tasks
Which is the correct order of hierarchy?
Value chain, process, activity, task
Transferring material between two non-adjacent workstations, waiting for service and requiring multiple approvals are examples of
Non-value added activities
Which of the following is not a common process design improvement strategy?
Design Agility
Which one of the following best describes reengineering?
Radical redesign
The lowest resource utilization is usually found in
A job shop
The average number of entities completed per unit time — the output rate — from a process is called ____.
The work activity that effectively limits throughput of a process is called a ____.
Little’s Law
Evaluates average process performance
A line balancing solution has been developed for the assembly line for fertilizer spreaders at Green Grass, Inc. The desired output rate of 30 spreaders per hour will be achieved. The sum of times for all tasks performed on the line is 1200 seconds for each spreader assembled. Which of the following statements must be true?
The theoretical minimum number of stations is 10
An assembly line with 28 activities is to be balanced. The total amount of time required for all 28 activities is 39 minutes. The line will operate for 450 minutes per day. What must the cycle time be to achieve an output rate of 400 units/day?
1.125 minutes
An assembly line with 28 operations is to be balanced. The total amount of time required for all 28 operations is 39 minutes. The longest operation takes 2.2 minutes and the shortest takes 0.8 minutes. The line will operate for 450 minutes per day.
min cycle time = 0.8; max cycle time = 39; output rate = 204.5
Which of the following is not a common reason for facility layout studies?
A new material supplier is used.
A ____ layout is an arrangement based on the sequence of operations that are performed during the manufacturing of a good or the delivery of a service.
A ____ layout consists of a functional grouping of equipment or activities that do similar work
A ____ layout is an arrangement based on self-contained groups of equipment needed to produce a particular set of goods or services.
The typical layout of facilities in a hospital would be an example of a ____ layout.
The production of large goods such as airplanes is best accomplished using a ____ layout.
Fixed position
Which is true for product layout?
Lower work-in-process inventories
Which is not true regarding fixed-position layout?
High demand volume
All of the following are limitations to process layout except
Limited range of products
All of the following are true regarding assembly lines except
Only one model can be assembled on a line
Assembly line balancing
Tries to minimize the number of work stations for a given production rate
For a given cycle time in line balancing, assembly-line efficiency can be increased by
Decreasing the number of work stations
Which of the following is not a common approach for designing process layouts?
Considering ergonomics, which of the following does not fit?
Group technology
____ is vertical expansion of job duties to give the worker more responsibility.
Job enrichment
A(n) ____ performs entire jobs rather than specialized, assembly line work.
Natural work team
The determination of specific job tasks and responsibilities is called ____.
Job design
____ set their own goals and inspect their own work, often hire their own replacements and prepare their own budgets.
Self-managed teams
Which of the following is not a disadvantage of virtual teams?
Working hours

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