Ch 2 MGT

) The tendency of a person to feel good about himself and the rest of the world is known as:
John works as an associate manager in a consulting firm. He is liked by most of the employees because he is open, empathetic to their problems, and very friendly. Which of the following best describes John’s personality?
High on extraversion
Managers who score low on extraversion are
called introverts
) Ross is a senior accountant in an audit firm. He is always angry and keeps complaining about the quality of work he receives, the pressures imposed by his superiors, the culture of the organization, and his inability to handle stress. Ross scores
. high on negative affectivity
The tendency of a manager to get along well with other workers is known as:
A. positive affectivity.
. agreeableness.
Wally is often criticized by his manager as an individual who lacks direction and self-discipline. If this opinion is true, Wally would score:
low on conscientiousness
CEO’s of major companies often exhibit
. high conscientiousness
Managers who initiate major changes in their organizations are often high on
openness to experience.
Ray is a manager of a fiscal office in a public hospital. He must ensure that all departments and units follow the hospital’s rules and regulations pertaining to budgets, spending accounts, and expense reimbursements. Which of the following personality traits can be an asset for Ray?
Low openness to experience
The fate of every individual is decided before he/she is born, and there is nothing one can do to change it.” An individual who believes in this phrase would:
A. score high on openness to experience.
have an external locus of control.
Grace believes that she is competent, deserving, and capable of handling most difficult situations. Grace has:
. high self-esteem.
According to David McClelland, the extent to which a manager has a strong desire to perform challenging tasks and to meet personal standards of excellence is known as:
the need for achievement
) Kevin is a media manager at an advertising firm. He is always concerned about maintaining good relations with both his superiors and subordinates. This has had a negative impact on his team’s performance on many occasions. Kevin would score high on:
the need for affiliation
According to David McClelland, the extent to which a manager has a strong desire to control and influence others is known as:
the need for power.
A manager’s personal conviction about lifelong goals is an example of
a terminal value.
A manager’s personal conviction about ways of behaving is an example of:
. an instrumental value
All of the following are examples of terminal values EXCEPT
Which of the following is an example of an instrumental value
. Capability
All of the following are examples of instrumental values EXCEPT
inner harmony.
All of the following are examples of instrumental values EXCEPT:
social recognition.
A manager who is self-reliant and self-sufficient is expressing which type of instrumental value?
. Independence
Upon joining a new firm, Carrie understands from her colleagues that the organization places a high value personal integrity and does not tolerate any sort of unethical behavior. Such unwritten, informal codes of conduct are referred to as:
A manager wants to make a lasting contribution to her organization is expressing which of the following terminal values?
Sense of accomplishment
An employee who is hard working and aspires to a higher level in the organization is expressing which type of instrumental value
The collection of feelings and beliefs that a manager has about his current position is referred to as:
. job satisfaction
Managers who perform “above and beyond the call of duty” behaviors do so because they have:
high job satisfaction
The collection of feelings and beliefs that managers have about their organizations is known as:
organizational commitment
Which of the following would NOT directly affect the level of job satisfaction in a country?
) A feeling or state of mind is called a(n):
People who are _____ are especially likely to experience positive moods
high on extraversion
An intense, relatively short-lived feeling is called a(n):
. emotion.
Giorgio is very upset with his co-worker Petra, who has made errors in her work that cause Giorgio to have to work late. Giorgio is experiencing a(n):
Subordinates of managers who experience _____ moods at work tend to _____.
positive; be more creative under certain conditions
The ability of a manager to understand and to manage her own emotions and the emotions of others is known the manager’s:
emotional intelligence.
Janet is appreciated by her colleagues for her ability to understand the moods and emotions of people around her. She is also able to cope with feelings of stress and anxiety that she feels occasionally because she clearly understands her own personality. Which of the following is being described here?
Emotional intelligence
) Recent theorizing and research suggest that managers’ emotional intelligence may be especially important in:
increasing employee creativity.
An organization’s culture is most like its
The “ASA” framework concerns:
attraction – selection – attrition.
Kenneth is interviewing a group of equally qualified employees for his new retail outlet. According to the ASA framework, he is most likely to hire an individual who has:
. a personality similar to his own.
Which of the following posits that when founders hire employees for their new ventures, they tend to choose employees whose personalities are similar to their own?
. ASA framework
Attraction-selection-attrition processes are most evident in:
small firms
_____ are unwritten, informal rules or guidelines that prescribe appropriate behavior in particular situations
According to the ASA model, it is clear that _____ can have profound and long-lasting effects on organizational culture
founders of an organization
Managers maintain and transmit culture through all of the following EXCEPT
The process by which newcomers to an organization learn the values and norms is:
organizational socialization.
As a result of their _____ experiences, organizational members internalize an organization’s values and norms and behave in accordance with them not only because they think they have to but because they think that these values and norms describe the right and proper way to behave.
Raw recruits into the military go through a rigorous process that aims at submerging their individuality for the common good of their unit. Such processes are examples of:
Rites of _____ determine how individuals enter, advance within, or leave the organization.
Rites of ______ might be shared announcements of organizational successes, office parties, and company cookouts
Raw recruits into the military go through a rigorous process that aims at submerging their individuality for the common good of their unit. Such processes are examples of rites of
XYZ Company holds an annual 4th of July picnic. In addition to giving employees a chance to have fun, top management also presents award to top performers. This is a rite of
Which of the following is an example of rites of integration?
Thanksgiving party
Employee promotions at ABC Company appear in the local newspaper. This is an example of:
a rite of enhancement.
How workers in a particular organization dress is part of the organization’s:
All of the following are major managerial functions EXCEPT:

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