Cause & Effect Economy Nba Lock Out Essay Example
Cause & Effect Economy Nba Lock Out Essay Example

Cause & Effect Economy Nba Lock Out Essay Example

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  • Published: May 21, 2017
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Quadirah Brown Professor Vanderhoof English 050 NBA Affect's on the Economy.

  1. Is a bunch of angry men the only thing the NBA lockout will have a impact on?
  2. Will the lockout put our economy in an even bigger hole?
  3. Could the NCCA benefit from the lockout ?
  4. Will it effect those who aren't sport fans?

The NBA lockout is starting to have a big negative effect on the economy. One way the economy is affected by the NBA lockout is the tax dollars the economy lost from the NBA.

This has a really strong impact on the economy because with these tax dollars being deducted the money that was distributed to the economy is now gone. Therefor the company the government provides money for will decrease its revenue, and eventually have to cut back on jobs to balance out their


accounting sheet. From these actions you can predict what comes after that, unemployment which is already a issue to the economy. Money that the government provide are known as government funding programs which consist of programs for : welfare, jobs, housing, and medicine.

If these programs were taken away from the consumer because the government is not enable to receive funds without the contribution from the NBA. Tax dollars is one of the biggest contributes to government programs, without tax dollars the government is unable to provide for those who are not financially stable. In the worst scenario if this continues people could go without eating. For example no food stamps and other extra help. I understand how NBA players feel as though they want their old salaries back, but it could affect people who are way les

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The tax dollars not only help the economy, financially disable, and government programs; they also help the world as a whole. People don't understand how much tax dollars makes a different in the world. Tax dollars also distributes to wars, nasa, and colleges. This may seem over dramatic but athletes are the highest tax payers since their salaries are so big. If wars were not able to be funded anymore what will that lead to? First we wouldn't be able to defend ourselves against other countries.

Without money for weapons we would only be able to bring fist to a gun fight, and that doesn't end well. College is also another tax dollar assistant because many student receive federal loans. In my opinion the second most important way the NBA lockout affects the economy is the real estate market. Since the players aren't playing in the areas that were previously rented and owned; The NBA managers no longer use or need the properties leading properties to foreclose and available for new ownership.

This could actually become a positive thing for the economy because if properties are used to build new shopping complex, or malls this could help consumer receive jobs. For every team there is a stadium, which could be replaced with a mall, or other business. This could lead into both good and bad outcomes. For example there will be job opportunities but no contribution for government programs. With the NBA lockout in affect the NCAA is now replacing the NBA. This could influence kids to get a higher education to play in sports.

This gives off a image that if you go to college you may

be able to be on tv, and get the spotlight as a star. As you can see the NBA lockout can result in both good and bad outcomes. Some people suffer and some gain from it. For example, the people on government programs could of been affected, if it lasted any longer than it did. As for the NCCA it benefitted them, college basketball was the main focus during the lockout. So in my opinion the lockout definitely could of had a major effect on the economy;but also could benefit some people.

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