career management

Sarah and Billy work at a local restaurant.
Sarah arrives promptly each day to relieve Billy.
It is Billy’s duty to refill condiment containers
before he leaves. For the last month, Sarah’s
customers have complained about being low on
condiments and napkins at their tables. Sarah is
growing tired of performing Billy’s duties along
with her own. She blows up at Billy.
Talk to Billy calmly about the issue
Which response would indicate that the job
applicant being interviewed possesses problem
solving skills?
“I served on a committe to help our school serve meals that are more appealing to students and increase profit.”
Which statement describes the best way to tell
someone that their performance is inadequate?
“Your strengths are in customer service, but you need to improve equipment operation skills.”
Which response would indicate that the job
applicant being interviewed possesses
technology, resource, information skills?
“I researched using periodical, book,
electronic and human resources.”
What might an IQ score suggest about an
individual’s career goal?
an IQ can give a good indiaction of success in ocupational groups.
Why is the Sandwich Technique effective for
providing feedback?
It provides a positive affirmation along with the criticism
A person who wants to be successful values:
Why is a career pathway an important
component of an individual career plan?
Individuals can explore career clusters of
interest to them.
Why is it important to consider entry-level work
experiences as part of the individual career
Work experiences help connect classroom knowledge with workplace skills
A career portfolio is helpful in a job interview
because it:
Helps showcase the applicants” skills, interests and abilities.
Someone who likes to draw or build things
probably has a:
Spatial learning preference
Which response would indicate that the job
applicant being interviewed possesses critical
thinking skills?
“I develop new products and processes based
on analysis of data.”
What is the main purpose of studying the sixteen
career clusters?
You will be required to know the
information to meet graduation
Which statement regarding portfolios is
Portfolio documents are a random collection
of accomplishments.
One of the three broad categories of career
interests is:
Vocational rehabilitation services are:
Free to those who meet the legal eligibility
Which statement about teamwork is TRUE?
Teams ususally take more time to reach a decision than individuals
In multiple choice testing:
Read the questions and then all of the answer choices
What might help students choose a nontraditional
Being taught by a non-traditional teacher.
How has the global economy affected
employees in the United States?
Has eliminated some jobs in the United States and created others.
Formal assessments are a critical component of
the individual career plan because they:
Are required for graduation and postsecondary
Which of the following is NOT evidence of
A high school transcript with excessive unexcused absences.
Which is NOT a purpose of a portfolio?
A portfolio provides a storage place for
random documents.
The attribute of responsibility can be effectively
documented in a career portfolio through
including any of the following documents
Letter from the family that the individual
baby-sits for.
According to the scenario, how should Sarah
most effectively express her feelings to Billy?
I feel frustrated when you leave the containers for me to fill.
Which is the best course of action to take when
there is more work than can be completed in a
given time period?
Talk to the boss about the situation
For a student entering the medical field, which
career-technical course would be most helpful in
high school?
Allied Health Sciences
A school counselor or Career Development
Coordinator (CDC) can assist students in their
career planning by:
Helping them explore their career interests.
Which factor(s) might most positively influence
the success of an entrepreneur?
Collecting as much information as possible
about the business opportunity
During a job interview, questions will be asked
Find out if the applicant is the best person for the job.
Which statement regarding portfolios is
Everyone’s portfolio should contain the same
Which statement is TRUE of military training?
Training is provided on-the-job and through
specialized schools.
When faced with many possible career choices,
a student should:
Relate the choice to your personal characteristics/information
If an individual learns best by sharing,
comparing, and likes having a lot of friends,
his/her dominate learning preference is:
If an individual has a Holland code suggesting
Conventional strengths, a career in which field
might be most satisfying?
Having awareness of strengths and weaknesses
in skill level helps an individual to:
set appropriate goals
This act was passed in 1967 and prohibits
discrimination against people between forty and
seventy years of age:
Age Discrimination Act
Life roles are:
various parts of one’s life such as citizen, parent, spouse, worker, etc.
When feedback is received, one should:
consider suggestions for improvement and positive comments
Which is the most effective written message?
There will be a sales team meeting tomorrow at 9:00am
Career pathways allow a student to:
Choose a sequence of course for their career interest
When considering a student for admission, most
colleges look at all of the following EXCEPT:
How many of the faculty a student knows.
A book that describes various careers and the
future for those careers:
Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)
The book that lists twelve main interest areas
and careers that suit people with those interests
Dictionary of Occupational Titles.
Which of the following should be included as
part of the career information on a career
Government resources are used to develop
statistics reflecting state and regional
occupational data also known as:
Labor market information
Labor marker trends for the 21st century predict
that the greatest number of workers will need to
have which level of education?
Community College
In the decision-making process, what should be
done when having trouble thinking of possible
Do some research
In which step of the decision-making process
does a person commit to making the decision
Make a decision
All are important reasons to consider extracurricular/
CTSO activities as part of the
individual career plan EXCEPT:
Participating in social activities
Having a written career plan:
Increases chances of being satisfied with career decisions
Prior to completing a high school four-year plan,
students would do all EXCEPT:
Apply to a college
If your ultimate goal is to become a lawyer, then
your career plan should include:
Continuing education beyond a bachelor’s
If an ultimate goal is to become an English
teacher, a career plan should include a number
of courses in:
Writing and literature.
The main reason for a cover letter is to:
Make the employer want to read the resume.
Private employment agencies:
Charge for their services.
The amount of salary or wages earned for a
certain period of time before deductions are
withheld is:
Gross pay
A candidate with little work experience will
need to focus attention on which section of the
Which should NOT be included as part of a
follow-up letter?
Statement of appreciation for the employer’s
time and consideration.
In an interview, a portfolio will help you present
List of every activity that you have
participated in.
A career portfolio should provide evidence of
each of the following topics EXCEPT the
Which is NOT a valuable portfolio document?
A thank you letter for a gift presented to a
Serving as a local, state or national CTSO
officer can demonstrate SCANS competence in
the area of:
Basic skills
If an individual has a Holland code suggesting
Enterprising strengths, a career in which field
might be most satisfying?
Having strong ability in English and Theatre
Arts means that a person may be successful in
the career field of:
Which characteristic might be an area of
strength for an individual with a Thinker work
type personality?
Systematic problem solving
Someone who aspires to become a teacher or
guidance counselor probably prefers to work
A group of people who work together to set
goals, make decisions, solve problems, and put
ideas into action is called a:
Which is a characteristic of an effective team
Listening to everyone’s opinion
A paid or unpaid, practical, work experience
through which a student or graduate gains
practical experience under supervision is:
A four-year career plan developed for use in
high school should reflect:
Courses to support the student’s chosen
career goal.
A student who wishes to enroll in a dual
enrollment course will be required to take which
A TV announcer is a job in which career
Arts, audiovisual technology and communications
Researching a career to find out whether jobs
will be available in that field in the future can
help determine:
A career outlook
Of the jobs in the 21st century, what percent will
require technical skills acquired at the
bachelor’s level or above?
About 20%
A career plan for high school ensures that:
The student will be successful throughout
Psychological tests are given to:
determine how well on will adjust to a job
Why is a portfolio a worthwhile investment of
It documents an individual’s life, education
and career.
Natural or acquired skills or talents describe a
SCANS Interpersonal qualities include:
Social skills
According to Keirsey, a Thinking (T) individual
prefers to make decisions based on:
Thoughts and facts
A natural reaction to the demands of daily life
Which developmental group is mainly
concerned with providing for a family?
Middle aged adults
A law that guarantees financial assistance to
workers injured on the job is:
Workers’ Compensation.
The Family Medical Leave Act was designed to
Males and Females
During leisure time, a person might be involved
in which activity:
favorite hobby
Getting inadequate rest is related to:
increased accidents on the job
Which contributes to unsafe working
Workplace safety is primarily the responsibility
of the:
individual employees
According to Erikson, attitudes toward work and
personal responsibility are first formed as a/an:
The main reason why most young people seek a
first job is:
To earn money
Which group is most influenced by peer
The key reason for giving a person constructive
criticism is to:
indicate an area that needs improvement
Effective listening:
Avoids interrupting the sender
Which often has the most effect on the
understanding of a spoken message?
nonverbal communication
When talking on the phone at work, it is
acceptable to:
speak clearly
When delivering a speech, it is best to focus on
When addressing someone involved in a
talk to him/her in a private location
When communicating with coworkers,
misunderstandings can be reduced by:
communicating clearly in written form
When an individual has a conflict with another
employee, what is the best action to take?
Communicate the issue privately
Which practice demonstrates effective
delegating tasks
Training at this type of school is for a specific
job or trade.
Proprietary school
Skills useful in the workplace are often
Through volunteer activities
Which is a state-wide graduation requirement
for North Carolina high school students?
Three credits in science
An effective individual career planning program
for high school includes:
Choosing appropriate courses.
The US Department of Education Career
Clusters include:
Religious workers.
Which of the following is an occupational
cluster in the North Carolina Career pathways?
Health Sciences
Which is NOT a factor to consider in evaluating
career options?
Friend’s choice of career
Careers considered non-traditional for men
include careers in:
A primary source of information for would-be
entrepreneurs is the:
Small Business Administration.
An increase in the number of dual income
families has created an increase in the area of:
Service occupations
Jobs in the future will increasingly involve
Employee telecommuting
Private ownership, profit motive, competition,
and freedom of choice are characteristics of a:
Free enterprise system.
Employment Forecasters predict greater than
average job growth in:
To prepare for changes in the workplace, it is
BEST to:
Be a lifelong learner.
A factor which may lead to success in the work
place is:
Willingness to learn.
Work habits and attitudes required in all jobs
Transferable skills.
When the skills learned and used to do one job
are used on another job, they are known as:
Transferable skills.
A good example of impulse decision-making is
purchasing a car:
Without thinking about the purchase.
Which is a long-term stepping-stone goal?
Obtain a bachelor’s degree
I want to be a lawyer” is a goal in which
When a student says, “I plan to make an A on
Friday’s math test,” this is an example of a:
Short-term goal
Stating a goal in concrete terms is making sure
that it is:
Wanting to live near the ocean someday is an
example of which type of goal?
Which is NOT a major factor is setting career
The final result that needs to be arrived at in the
process of career planning is called the:
ultimate goal
In planning coursework, it is important to:
Select courses based on career and
educational goals.
Jane wants to become a pilot. What should she
include as part of her career plan?
obtain pilot’s license
If an ultimate goal is to become a physical
therapist, a career plan should include:
Getting a bachelor’s degree.
Which experiences can help develop career
Extra-curricular/volunteer activities
Which of the following should NOT be
included as activities on a career plan?
Job research
Which will a student need to do in order to reach
a career goal?
Follow an action plan
A resume aids the job-seeking process in that it:
Organizes experiences and skills
The first step in creating a network is to build
Contact list.
The type of resume that works best for a person
with continuous work experience is a/an:
Chronological resume
Networking, employment agencies, and
classified ads can be sources of:
Job leads.
What information must be listed on a job
Legal name
Directing an applicant to a potential employer
for a job interview is a:
Which person usually makes the best reference
for a job applicant?
Previous employer
What is the public government employment
agency in North Carolina?
Employment Security Commission
The Form W-4 reports all of the following tax
information to the employer EXCEPT:
Which document does NOT provide acceptable
proof to an employer of US citizenship?
High school diploma
Which is the LEAST valuable source of help in
developing your portfolio?
A portfolio will help someone reflect on all of
the following EXCEPT:
An important element of electronic portfolios
includes the ability to use:
A high school student’s career portfolio should
contain all of the following EXCEPT a:
Copy of the birth certificate.
Learned abilities to perform tasks or duties of
various occupations are:
SCANS skills.
Learning through the use of language in reading
and writing is which learning preference?
A result of using teamwork in an organization
increased production and output
A group of people from one department or area
working together is a/an:
Functional team
Most workers lose a job because of:
poor interpersonal skills
A person who is seeking an Associate degree
will most likely choose to attend:
A community college
A student who wishes to work with computers
should pursue which NCDPI career pathway?
Business Technologies.
Which of the following would NOT have been a
concern for workers in the 1950s?
The latest trends in a trade or profession can be
found in:
Trade and professional journals.
In decision-making, determine needs, analyze
personal resources, then:
Gather information
When a person acts on a decision, there are
Which is NOT a major factor to consider in
setting career goals?
Family income.
Workers at one level who master that level and
then move up to the next level of a job are:
Moving up a career ladder.
A chart used to rank possible career choices for
a career plan a personal:
Career profile form
Having advanced education and training
More career opportunties
What should guide an individual in selecting
documents to include in the portfolio?
As a freshman and sophomore, a career portfolio
is used mostly as a tool to:
Gain college entrance.
Which document in a career portfolio would
demonstrate competence in basic skills?
Athletic awards program
Being healthy can help a person’s career by:
Giving the energy needed to perform the job.
Physical and mental health can affect:
Job performance.
Changes that can be planned for are:
The stages of human development are:
Clear and distinct.
Which is a job?
Newspaper carrier
Part of workplace etiquette is to avoid:
Which is an appropriate reaction to criticism?
When finishing the test before time is called:
Make sure all questions are answered.
A good source for scholarship information is:
Counseling offices.
Which job requires physical strength?
Brick masonry
Which is a component of a research paper?
The workplace of today must be dedicated to:
Excellence in skills and personal qualities.
In today’s workplace, workers typically:
Continue to learn new skills.
Which is true of the current workplace?
Increased use of technology
One’s environment includes all EXCEPT:
Which is a medium-term stepping-stone goal?
Obtain an associate’s degree
The first step in reviewing a career plan is to:
Explore career trends and job market data.
A written career plan is LEAST needed:
In elementary grades
Which is NOT an employee benefit?
Regular paychecks
A cover letter is:
Sent with a resume.
The purpose of a resume is to:
Showcase your knowledge and skills.
A career portfolio is a professional collection of:
SCANS Thinking Skills include:
Because abilities are learned, they will:
Change with experience.
Anyone who receives feedback should:
use it as an opportunity to learn
Which is a component of an essay?
For the employee, teamwork usually results in:
increased moral
Which statement is grammatically correct?
“This manual explains how to do it”
When taking notes, a student should:
Write notes in his or her own words.
Volunteer experiences may help a student:
Confirm career choices.
Which type of financial aid must be paid back?
A trusted advisor might be called a/an:
When evaluating a specific career, consider:
Working conditions
Transferable skills in today’s workplace are:
Advantageous to workers.
One way to polish decision-making skill is to:
Practice the decision-making process.
Which is usually the immediate goal?
Short-term goal

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