Can Virtue Be Taught Essay Example
Can Virtue Be Taught Essay Example

Can Virtue Be Taught Essay Example

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  • Published: August 15, 2017
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Aristotle defines virtuous character in Nicomachean Ethical motives: Excellence [ of character ] , so is a province concerned with pick lying in a average relation to us. this being determined by ground and in the manner in which the adult male of practical wisdom would find it. He argues that our logical thinking which is the foundation for our virtuousnesss derives from wont and non from nature.

Neither by nature. so. nor contrary to nature make excellences originate in us ; instead we are adapted by nature to have them. and are made perfect by wont. Again. of all the things that come to us by nature we foremost get the potency and subsequently exhibit the activity ( Aristotle. _ Nicomachean Ethics_ ) . Meaning that all of the virtuousnesss that we


believe are what we pattern. The point in head is that all of our ethical motives are instilled in us through the procedure of acquisition. For illustration we are non born dens but if we pick to get down stating prevarications so we form a wont and go prevaricators same as with stating the truth.

If you ever tell the truth so it becomes a wont hence doing you honest. I think about everything that has happened in the last twelvemonth. I think about all the errors I have of all time made and inquire why I even think about them any longer. Why are they so important and why are they something that I insistently and unrelentingly believe about? I know it is because the errors I have made along with all the fantastic things I have done are parts of who I

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am and larning from my errors helps me understand all of who I am and the individual I want to be.

In understanding who I am so I can take to make the right things and hence hopefully live a life that is good and virtuous which in bend would do me happy. I hope everyone in the universe feels this manner. Again. possibly I am foolish or an highly optimistic individual but I would trust that cipher of sound head. no affair how atrocious they are. of all time wants to experience hurting or be sad. The ultimate end of worlds is happiness and you can merely accomplish felicity if you are willing to larn from the things that you experience.

Our experiences and our feelings towards our experiences organize our picks and actions therefore turning them into wonts that finally shape our characters. Our character so can be broken up into two parts. One portion is the portion that conquers knowledge and wisdom from everything that we have experienced and Teachs us what it is to be virtuous. The 2nd portion of our character is the portion that our emotions control. These emotions so act upon why we choose certain actions and picks. At least this is how I see it.

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