Camera views in The Outsiders film

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This report is about how films work. In this report, I will give examples from the book and movie called ‘The Outsiders’. I will be using examples from ‘The Outsiders’ because the film has a lot of examples on camera movements, for example, close-ups, camera turning around, downward views, colored screen, camera edits, etc. , and how films work. In the movie of ‘The Outsiders’, there were a lot of camera movements. At the beginning of the film, the music lyrics restate the word gold, the opening tittles in gold and a golden sun.

The first shot establishes the setting of the entire setting. The low angle of the camera makes the story seem like a very personal matter that the audience is nosily watching. Then it quickly turns to the Soc, getting back to their car, and pans quickly back to Johnny and Pony. Then, it zooms in on Pony, to show that he is the main character. For example, there were a lot of close-ups. There was a close up of Johnny’s hand on the knife. The effect it had was that kill someone, so the knife symbolized killing. There was also a close up of Bob’s rings.

If someone is watching the film for the first time and they see Johnny’s bruises, they would be undergoing why he has those bruises on his face. Since they know that Bob is their enemy, so they would then know that it was Bob’s rings that caused the bruises on Johnny’s face. After Johnny ran up to Bob with violence, the screen was red. The red screen was actually blood and blood signifies violence and death. There was also a view of Bob’s body. First they gave a downward view of his body then there was a real close up of his body. We could see that he had blood on his body and he was not moving, so it meant that he was dead.

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