BUSN Test Chap. 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16

Language of business
The heavy reliance on accounting information by business stakeholders has led to sometimes being called the
Which of the following is a key external user of a company’s accounting information?
public accountant
Matt is asked by Clint Publishers to carry out an external audit of its books. He is also asked to prepare the tax returns for another client, Mrs. Zhirkov. Matt is a _____.
Financial accounting
______ is a branch of accounting that addresses the needs of external stakeholders, including stockholders, creditors, and government regulators.
Relevant, reliable, consistent, and independent
Through the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) aims to ensure that financial statements are _____.
Balance sheet
The _____ reports the financial position of a firm by identifying and reporting the value of the firm’s assets, liabilities, and owners’ equity.
The resources owned by a firm
Assets refer exclusive to ______
Statement of retained earnings
Kyra Inc. has applied for a business loan in the United Bank. In order to best assess the loan case, the loan officer at the bank, Sirigu, decides to look at the company’s net income figure. Sirigu will find this information in Kyra’s _____.
A(n) _____ opinion is issued if an external auditor does not find any problems with the way a firm prepares and presents its financial statements.
Annual reports include _____ that disclose additional information about a firm’s operations and special circumstances that clarify and supplement the numbers reported on the financial statements.
Horizontal analysis
Is the comparison of account values reported on financial statements over two or more years.
​_____ is a management tool that explicitly shows how a firm will acquire and use the resources needed to achieve its goals over a specific time period.
Managerial accounting
provides reports and analysis to managers to help them make informed business decisions.
The value of what is given up in exchange for something else
Direct costs
_________ are costs that are incurred as the result of some specific cost object.
Commercial bank
A(n) _____ is an example of a depository institution
Investment banking
A(n) _____ is a financial intermediary that specializes in helping firms raise financial capital by issuing securities in primary markets.
Dobb-Frank act
The _____ of 2010 expanded the Fed’s regulatory authority over non-depository financial institutions, such as hedge funds and mortgage brokers that had previously operated with little regulatory oversight or accountability.
_____ to common stockholders of a company are a distribution of earnings that are paid only if declared by the company’s board of directors.
Face value per share
The price at which shares of an open-end mutual fund are issued and redeemed is based on the fund’s _____.
Diversify their investments
One drawback of exchange traded funds (ETFs) is that investor is that they are not able to ____
Initial public offering
The first time a company issues stock that may be bought by the general public
Speed up transactions
The advantage of electronic communication networks (ECNs) is that they _____
(True or False) In general, riskier investment strategies offer the potential for higher returns.
Nikkei 225
The _____ tracks the stock prices of some of the largest and most actively traded companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Commercial bank
A _________ is the most common depository institution.
Place marketing
Which of the marketing strategies can be best employed for attracting tourists?
While driving to work, Noel hears an advertisement on the radio about the annual blood donation camp organized by the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross emphasizes the importance of blood donation for the donor and recipient. This is an example of _____ marketing.
Marketing concept
The _____ is a philosophy that makes customer satisfaction the central focus of an entire organization.
Marketing concept
Walt owns a local chain of auto repair shops in Northern Rottawa. He goes the extra mile in pleasing his customers by providing comfortable and attractive waiting rooms, friendly service, and an exceptional warranty on all repair work. Which of the following philosophies has Walt employed to make all his customers highly satisfied?
Customer relationship management
_____ is the ongoing process of acquiring, maintaining, and growing profitable customer associations by delivering unmatched value.
Limited partnership
Which of the following is the scope of relationship of marketers who actively gather data and pursue a connection with customers who initiate contact.
Customer relationship management
A firm selling a high-ticket product to a small customer base is most likely to pursue a full partnership with each of its key clients
​_____ is based on a customer’s perception that a product has a better relationship between the cost and the benefits than its competitors.
Perceived value
Lawrence recently bought a brand new ’69 Mustang, but he is not completely satisfied with it. He wished he had bought something that made a bigger impression on his colleagues at his posh Wall Street office. Lawrence’s friend Howard, on the other hand, bought a Porsche 911 and is extremely happy with it. Howard becomes even more proud of his purchase when his friends compliment his car. From the marketing point of view, which of the following concepts has contributed to Howard feeling satisfied with this car?
Less customers try a product
In the context of customer satisfaction, which of the following happens when a marketer falls into the trap of underpromising?
Acquisition of new customers
Which of the following can be achieved by marketers by acquiring customer loyalty?
Market segmentation
Peter is starting a new business. He has to develop a marketing strategy by identifying similar characteristics, attributes, and behaviors of the target market, and then group the customers according to these characteristics, attributes, and behaviors. The term used to describe Peter’s strategy is:
Good accessibility
Which of the following is one of the characteristics of a well-chosen target market
Target market
Neon Bolt is an energy drink manufacturer. The marketing strategies of Neon Bolt are focused on males in the age group of 16-25 years who enjoy sports and other outdoor activities. The company advertises its product at skateboard parks, basketball venues, and ski resorts. The customer group that Neon Bolt focuses on is called its _____.
Demographic segmentation divides the market based on measurable characteristics about _________
Marketing mix
It is the blend of marketing strategies for product, price, distribution, and promotion.
Product strategy
Jim works in the marketing department of a smartphone manufacturing firm. He is currently working on new package design ideas for the company’s latest range of smartphones. In the context of the company’s marketing mix, Jim’s ideas contribute to the _____.
Environmental scanning
​_____ is the process of continually collecting information from the external marketing surroundings.
Competitive environment
Analysis of market share is a key to understanding a firm’s
More expensive
What is a drawback of primary data
In an effort to expand its business, music retailer MovNow offers DVD rentals online. In order to spot trends in consumer interest, MovNow has decided to evaluate the data of the hyperlinks that customers click on when they visit its website. This is an example of how a company can obtain _____ data.
Social responsibility
_______ demands that marketers actively contribute to the needs of the broader community.
Corporate responsibility report
Granite Inc. is a reputable company that has contributed a lot toward the social welfare of the public. Granite has improved working conditions in its overseas factories and has cut its waste emissions by half. To highlight these achievements, the company can publish a(n)
Green marketing
Refers to the development and promotion of products with ecological benefit
Green marketing
Claire sells solar-powered watches.
Mass customization
Horizon Inc., an automobile designer and developer, conducted a survey and built cars that suit the needs of its customers. Its newly designed cars let customers choose the color of the interiors. The company also designed touchscreens to control the entertainment, navigation, and climate in the vehicle, instead of knobs or buttons. Which of the following concepts is being illustrated in this scenario?
The type of marketing where public and private organizations market thoughts that are meant to change how people think or act is known as _________ marketing.
Idea marketing is often combined with _________ marketing to market ideas that are meant to change how people think or act.
Psychographic market segmentation
Customer relationship management (CRM) works best when marketers combine marketing communication with _______.
Full partnership
Andrew has spent a lot of time gathering information about his top two clients and has decided to make them participate in his latest product development project. Andrew is trying to establish a _________ with his clients.
Geography-based segmentation
In the context of business market segmentation, _________ refers to dividing the market based on the concentration of customers.
Pure services
A management consulting firm offers a management training program that instructs students on utilizing various tools for effective time management and aims to improve their risk management skills. Which form of product is the firm offering?
Both a mix of goods and services
EatOut Pizzeria is a food joint that serves pizza, and Pure Magic is a luxury beauty salon that sells beauty products. What do EatOut Pizzeria and Pure Magic have in common?
Pure goods
What do gasoline for cars, ketchup for fries, and scarves have in common?
Pure services
Jane bought a new car from Yollanda Motors, and the company offered her an exciting package that included free car washes for the first month. This package represents a _____.
Goods and services spectrum
______ provides a tool for analyzing the relationship between goods and services.
Product layers
Core benefit, actual product, augmented product
The physical good or delivered service that provides a core benefit is called the _____ product.
Core benefit
Andrew’s parents want him to get a good education and, therefore, send him to the best school in the town. In this case, Andrew’s education is the _____ his parents were looking for when they got him admitted in the school.
Convenience products
_____ are the inexpensive goods and services that consumers buy frequently with limited consideration and analysis.
Which of the following business product categories refers to large capital purchases designed for a long productive life and the marketing of which emphasizes personal selling and customization?​
Price and service
Marketing of raw materials, one of the business product categories, primarily emphasizes
Successful product differentiation
______ requires that a product is not only different from those of its competitors but is also better
Product consistency
Which of the following identifies how reliably a product delivers its promised level of quality?
Product features
The characteristics of a product that a marketer offers are known as _____.
A healthier planet
OrgoDiet, a dietary food manufacturer, recently started producing organic food products. Which of the following customer benefits does OrgoDiet contribute to with this newly added feature of producing organic food items?
Product lines
Crunch Lite produces six different flavors of sugar-free cookies for the diabetic population. The company also produces a large assortment of sugar-free chocolates targeted at the same population. The sugar-free cookies and chocolates that Crunch Lite produces represent the _____ of the company.
Which of the following can happen when a company launches a new product that is lower in price than the current products of the company?
Brand equity
The overall value of a brand to an organization—the extra money that consumers will spend to buy that brand—is called _____.
Shirtzter, a manufacturer of men’s shirts and jackets, has just reached an agreement to pay Kwasiaki a substantial fee for the right to use the company’s name and logo on some of its clothing lines. This type of arrangement is known as.
Poor quality
Which of the following scenarios leads to the consumer backlash hitting the core brand rather than the producer of the licensed product?
United Airlines recently announced that it would promote Golden Brew’s cocoa coffee on its flights. This is an example of _____.
Most car dealers allow test-driving of the cars they sell to increase the _____ of their product.
Product diffusion rate
Enhancing the benefits of the product compared to existing ones enhances the _________
Building consumers awareness
In the introduction stage of the product life cycle, marketing efforts are primarily focused on:
_____ begins as firms introduce their own versions of a product in the growth stage
Integrated marketing communication
Companies used to _______ to coordinate their messages through every promotional vehicle
Positioning statement
A firm’s _____ is a brief statement articulating how it wants the target market to envision its product relative to the competition.
Difference between sponsorship and sales promotion
Sponsorship is a deep association between a marketer and a partner, whereas sales promotion is designed to stimulate immediate sales activity through specific short-term programs.
Sales promotion and consumer promotion
Both are focused toward enhancement and promotion of immediate sales are similarity’s between ________
Public relations and personal selling
Which of the following traditional promotional tools focusses on creating positive associations to generate a favorable impression about a company or its products?
Core benefit
In the context of product layers, at the most fundamental level, consumers buy a ___________ that satisfies their needs
Augmented product
Marketers wrap their actual products in additional goods and services, called the_________, that sharpen their competitive edge.
Quality level
_________ is defined by how well a product performs its core function.
A _________ is a product’s identity that sets it apart from other players in the same category.
Distribution strategy
It is a plan for delivering the right product to the right person at the right place at the right time.
Elements of distribution strategy
Channels of distribution and physical distribution
Channel of distribution
It is the path that a product takes from the producer to the consumer.
Channel intermediaries
Hansel owns and runs a fruit juice manufacturing company. He decides that the company will sell packaged fruit juices through wholesalers and retailers. In this scenario, which of the following distribution strategies is Hansel planning to use?
They add value
Which of the following statements is true of distributors in a channel of distribution?
Retailers, other wholesalers, or business users
Three things about members of a distribution channel
Independent wholesalers
80% of all wholesalers
Legal title
Merchant wholesalers can develop their own marketing strategies, including pricing strategies, because they take __________ to the goods they help distribute.
Drop shipper
Newton Coal Supply takes possession of coal from the local mining companies. However, it does not store a single ounce of coal on its premises. Instead, it simply arranges for the coal to be shipped directly from the mining company to its customers. This type of arrangement suggests that Newton Coal Supply is a _____.
Truck jobber
First Bake delivers fresh cakes, breads, pies, and muffins to several small grocery stores in Central Radisova. In addition to delivering baked goods, First Bake’s employees help the small store owners keep track of what they need to order, and they even remove outdated baked goods from the shelves. First Bake is an example of a _______
Specialty store
A _______ sells a wide selection of merchandise within a narrow category
Intensive distribution
​_____ involves placing a producer’s products such as low-cost convenience goods in as many stores as possible.
Exclusive distribution
​_____ means establishing only one retail outlet in a given area.
No immediate delivery
Disadvantage of online retailing
Lack of security
What statement is true of online retailing
Direct selling
A form of non store retailing
Multilevel marketing
​_____ involves hiring independent contractors to sell products to their personal network of friends and colleagues and to recruit new salespeople in return for a percentage of their commissions.
Supply chain
The _____ includes all organizations, processes, and activities involved in the flow of goods from the raw materials to the final consumer.
Gregory works for Ocan Foods, a food supplier. His main responsibility is to make tactical decisions involving the actual movement of goods along his company’s supply chain. In this case, Gregory is involved in
Transportation by _______ is the fastest but most expensive means of transport.
Penetrating pricing
A company using the strategy of penetration pricing makes a huge profit from the sheer volume of sales is true of _________
Penetration pricing
Pentogreen, a company that manufactures soda, offers its latest products at very low prices. Pentogreen’s strategy is based on the assumption that more customers will be willing to buy its products if they’re offered at lower prices. Pentogreen has adopted this strategy to attract a larger customer base and increase its sales volume even though it will only gain a small profit on each individual sale. In this scenario, Pentogreen has implemented the _____ strategy.
High/low pricing
Joanne works in the marketing department of a toy manufacturing company. Her company offers discounts for soft toys but sells electronic toys at a price higher than that of its competitors. In this scenario, Joanne’s company is adopting the strategy of _______
Skimming pricing
Rancone Technologies, a laptop manufacturer, released a new laptop model that was priced at $800 to attract customers who could afford to pay a higher price. After a few months, it introduced low-priced versions of the same laptop to attract new buyers. By doing so, it maximized profitability by targeting different segments of the market. In this scenario, Rancone Technologies has used the _____ strategy.
Mopsun, a garment store, sells customized hoodies at $7 per unit. The total fixed costs add up to $8000 per year, and the variable costs add up to $3 per unit. How many hoodies should Mopsun sell every year in order to cover all costs?
Fixed costs
​_____ remain constant regardless of how many products are sold.
Cost based pricing
_________ determines price by adding a fixed margin to the per-unit cost of the product.
Demand based pricing
In _____, marketers determine prices based on what consumers are willing to pay and then subtract desired margins to yield target costs.
Odd pricing
_________ refers to the practice of charging prices that fall slightly below even dollars and cents in order to create a perception of greater value.
Odd pricing
It is the idea that if a television costs $599 instead of $600, consumers perceive the first one to be far cheaper than it actually is.
Channel intermediaries
_________ are distribution organizations—informally called “middlemen”—that facilitate the movement of products from the producer to the consumer.
Merchant wholesaler
A(n) _________ takes legal possession of the goods to be distributed.
Wheel of retailing
The _________ is a classic distribution theory which suggests that retail firms and retail categories become more upscale as they go through their life cycles.
Physical distribution strategy
The _________ involves determining how a product will flow through the distribution channel from producer to consumer.
Sending products by _________ is the least expensive option available to producers.
​_____ refers to the physical components used to collect, input, store, and process data, and to display and distribute information.
System and application
The two broad categories of software are:
The internet
​_____ is often referred to as the world’s largest computer network.
Firms create _____ by offering limited access to certain areas of their intranets to select groups of people.
Cloud computing
The benefit that ________ provides to individual users is that it allows them to store large files without taking up valuable space on their computers’ hard drives.
Cloud computing
_____ is most likely to allow companies access to a vast array of computing resources without the need to invest heavily in IT personnel.
Data become _____ when they are processed, organized, and presented in a way that makes them useful to a decision maker in a company.
_____ are files of related facts and figures organized according to a logical system and stored on hard drives or some other computer-accessible storage media.
​_____ refers to marketing, buying, selling, and servicing of products over a network, usually the Internet.
Businesses-to-business e-commerce
It involves businesses selling supplies, components, machinery, equipment, or services to other businesses. (B2B)
​_____ are best described as specialized Internet sites, which provide a platform to interact for businesses, specifically those involved in business-to-business (B2B) transactions.
Radio frequency identification
​_____ is a technology that stores information on a microchip—such as a unique serial number—and transmits it to a reader when it is within range.
​_____ is software that installs itself on a computer without permission and then tracks its behavior in some way.
Computer viruses
Which of the following refers to programs that install themselves on computers without the users’ knowledge or permission and spread by attaching themselves to other files that are transferred from computer to computer?​
​_____ refers to unsolicited commercial emails, usually sent to a large number of people with little regard for the users’ interest in the product or its promotion.
Spam filter
Recently, Candice found it difficult to find legitimate email messages due to the hundreds of unsolicited commercial emails in her inbox. To prevent this from occurring in the future, Candice should install a _____.
​_____ is a scam in which official-looking emails are sent to individuals in an attempt to get them to divulge private information such as passwords, usernames, and account numbers.
Security experts suggest that organizations restrict access to computer resources by requiring users to have strong _____.

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