Business unit exam 2

What Price should All American Burger charge for its products?
Which question would different All American Burger restaurants be most likely to answer differently?
At Ace Products, three vice presidents report to the CEO, including the VP for Finance…
Customer Departmentalization
Silver designs is a high-end clothing manufacturer….
At mcdonald’s, most advertising is handled at the corporate level, and any local advertising must be approved by a regional manager…
Process Departmentalization
Vlasic has separate departments to transform cucumbers into fresh-packed pickles….
Which of the following structures relies on product departmentalization?
Job Specialization
Which of the following is a natural part of organizational growth?
Organizational Structure
Which term refers to the Specification of jobs to be done within an organization and the ways they relate to one another?
Type of organization seeks to integrate continuous improvements with continuous employee development?
New product offering have been neglected as divisions have focused on traditional revenue sources
Tarnpool Learning Services (TLS) of tutoring to HS students, college students and adults..
It is clearly different from line authority
Which statement about staff responsibility is TRUE?
Which term describes creating and maintaining the innovation and flexibility of a small business environment within the confines of a large, bureaucratic structure?
What does functional structure foster?
Staff Members
What are the specialists in law, accounting, and human resource management commonly called?
By Geography
A snack food firm has one division for the United States, one for Europe, & one for Asia…
Which form of organization is used by most small to medium-sized firms?
Granting Authority Follows Assigning Responsibility
What is the sequence of events in the delegation process?
To provided a state-of-the-art classroom and instructional technology, Shell Oil….
Supply Chain Management
When Dell Inc. shares information to improve the overall flow through a system made of…
Which term refers to the strategy of paying suppliers and distributors to perform certain business processes or to provide needed materials or services?
Which type of layout is designed to move resources through a smooth, fixed sequence of steps?
A certification program attesting to the fact that a factory, laboratory, or office has improved environmental performance
Which of the following best describes ISO 14000?
3M uses which strategy for attracting customers?
the redesigning of business activities to improve performance, quality, and productivity
Which of the following best describes business process reengineering?
Competitive Product Analysis
What name is given to the process by which a company analyzes another companys product to identify desirable improvements in its own product?
Competitive Product Analysis
When a worker at Toshiba takes apart a Xerox copier and tests each component, it is engaging in what activity?
Value-Added Analysis
When Hewlett-Packard simplified its contracts and reduced them form 20 pages to as few as 2, it was engaging in which activity?
Comparing Results with Detailed Plans and Schedules
In operations control, production managers monitor production performance by which method?
The iffy reputation of the area in which the strip mall is located would make the business’s current employees uneasy about their safety at work, which would lead to increased turnover in staff.
Which of the following, if true, would weaken the CEO’s position?
Operations Process
Which term refers to a set of methods and technologies used to produce a good or service?
Customer Service
Which of the following is NOT one of the areas of materials management?
Supply Chain
Which term refers to the flow of information, materials, and services from raw-materials…
Which of the following aspects of the psychological contract is provided by the organization?
Business Field
Which of the following is NOT a central aspect of organization citizenship?
A theory of motivation holding that managers should analyze jobs to find the most efficient methods and use money as a primary motivator
Which of the following best describes scientific management?
Sam decides to initiate a system of stricter rules and work policies in order to increase his teams productivity
Provide the BEST reason for thinking that Sam operates under Theory X of employee motivation?
When people quit their jobs
When does turnover occur?
Emotional Intelligence
The extent to which people are self-aware is an aspect of which of the following?
Job Redesign
Which of the following works to achieve a more satisfactory fit between workers and their jobs?
Theory Y
Douglas believes that his employees are self-motivated and growth-oriented. He is what type of manager?
Organizational Citizenship
Which would an employee who is productive but keeps to himself be lacking in?
Employess have reported that they feel that Marcia listens well and that she “gets” where they are coming from
Marcia’ command skills rely on her ability to get to know what makes people “tick”
Flexible Scheduling
Because job permanence is less likely, which of the following are some companies offering in order to keep the psychological contract in balance?
Leadership Substitutes
Which of the following organizational aspects allows employees to perform capably withou the direction of a leader?
Less face-to-face communication within the organization
Which of the current business characteristics has brought the rise of virtual leadership?
Organizational Culture
what is a prime ingredient in fostering different levels of risk propensity within an organization?
A Leader must be able to persuade people to do things that they are not required to do
leadership consultant: which of the following principles would most strongly justify the leadership consultants argument?
Escalation of Commitment
anne bought stock in ABC Company in hopes of making a profit. what does this illustrate?
Cross-Cultural Leadership
as ABC Enterprises has grown during the past few years, more and more workers have….
The Top Level of Management
which part of the management of an organization would be most involved with strategic leadership?
Statistical Analysis of middle- and top-management levels reveals no evidence of gender or ethnic bias
in surveying workplace demographics across locations, which of the following, if true, would support Clarke’s position that the firm does not have a diversity problem?
Concentration on how Tasks should be performed
which of the following best describes task-focused leader behavior?
The Two best performers among the Foothill branches are the most recently opened, and its employees have the fewest years of service with the firm
Foothill locations by reassessing performance criteria?
Job Analysis
Gretta is observing and interviewing several database administrators to determine the duties and responsibilities; which function?
Knowledge Workers
workers such as computers scientists, engineers, and game developers require….
Form a joint subcommittee made up of management and union members, to study the issue more thoroughly
the Florabunda Greenhouse
Contingent Workers
what are independent contractors, on-call workers examples of?
Offering Employees a structured path to Promotion
a large clothing retailer, Finch Line, has recently expanded but is having problems…
At Kryptos, Accounting, Operations, & HR are among the departments that already have the capacity to serve a much larger organization.
which of the following, if true, would strengthen the Kryptos CEO’s argument?
To be effective, TLS managers need to be experts in at least one of the products that TLS sells.
Tarnopol Learning Services (TLS); why should they change their organizational structure to a product-based approach?
what type of departmentalization does Kraft Foods use by having seperate divisions for diff types of foods?
what is the preferred span of control when jobs are more diversified or prone to change?
The Popularity of All American Burger’s Special Menu items has varied greatly across different regions perception of the entire company
which of the following, if true, would most strongly support the conclusion that All American Burger should adopt a decentralized approach?
Customers Choose All American Burger in large part bc of the consistency of the dining experience
which of the following, if true, would most strongly support the conclusion that All American Burger should operate in a highly centralized manner?
Work Teams
what are groups of operating employees called who are empowered to plan and organize their tasks and to perform those tasks with a minimum of supervision?
Competitors in the Segment are quick to copy any new product innovation and mimic product design
Stardust ‘n’ Clay; which of the following, if true, would weaken the argument for developing organic beauty products?
A Program certifying that a factory, lab, or office has met the quality management standards of the International Organization for Standardization
which of the following best describes ISO 9000?
which of the following is the ability of a product to satisfy a human want or need?
the check-processing operations at your bank would be considered to be which type of system?
Value-Added Analysis
Tootsie Roll Industry’s corporate principle ” ” is an example of which of the following?
Changing the “Super Bonus” so that it is awarded only to those who have increased their revenue by a substantial percentage
suppose that Oak Meteors institutes a “Super Bonus” program that provides a large…
terry generally likes her job and works hard. however, terry’s level of effort had declined..
Marcia relies on her experience in order to know the right thing to do when a decision needs to be made
marcia’s primary leadership trait is her ability to give commands bc if all else fails…
Psychological Contract
marcia set of expectations held by employees and the organization regarding what the employee will contribute and what he or she will receive?
Selecting one alternative and rejecting all others might not be necessary
in selecting an alternative when making a decision, what should decision makers keep in mind?
The manager was chosen for his position because of his leadership skills
the manager’s argument assumes all of the following EXCEPT which?
Trait-Based Leadership
in interviews with two leadership applicants, Ben tried to determine each persons knowledge of the industry…
Contingent Workers
which term refers to employees hired to supplement a firms permanent workforce?
The applicant’s responses may not show any connection between personality and job performance
all of the following point out reasons why the Human Resources department should be skeptical about the data collected EXCEPT:
The obligation employees have to their manager for the successful completion of an assigned task
which of the following best describes accountability?
the organization of the health care producer Johnson&Johnson includes consumer health care products…
Barber Shop
which of the following would be considered a high-contact system?
They Shed Light on managers attitudes toward employees
what is MOST useful about Theory X and Theory Y?
An Approach to leadership emphasizing the perspectives of the followers
which of the following may describe charismatic leadership?
Reference checks tend to only tap positive recommendations
Plants Galore is a business selling a range of indoor plants. reliable way of assessing the value of prospective employees?
Job Specialization
process of designing specific jobs that need to be done and identifying the people who will perform them called?
Clean Sweeps storage and handling costs are significant
Clean Sweep Corporation; would strengthen the argument for the shift to a just-in-time inventory system?
Does the Evidence support a move to team-based product development?
Gordon&Linda; which of the following is a point at issue between Gordon and Linda?
Reliance on Intuition
which of the following dispositions is typical for leaders with a high degree of risk propensity?
Kryptos latest offer involves paying a higher price to Domino Grace shareholders if the combined company adopts Kryptos benefits policy
which of the following, if true, would most weaken the Domino Grace CEO’s argument?

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