BUSI ch 11 part 2

What is data warehousing?
the process of collecting, storing, and retrieving data in electronic files
Congress has conducted hearings on the use of cell phones while driving. What factors would this constitute in a company’s external environment?
Marketing managers often support the activities of political action committees (PACs). In doing this, which environment are they attempting to influence?
A company decides to introduce a line of golf gear designed specifically for women. What environmental trend is the company responding to?
What kind of factor in the business environment are cell phones considered an example of?
The satellite dish and home television shopping provide examples of changes to which of the following external environmental factors that affect marketing?
What are fitness programs and drug regimens to lower cholesterol levels both an example of?
substitute products
What part of the marketing mix includes communicating information about products?
Which is usually the first step in the marketing strategy?
target markets
Burberry is repositioning itself as a global luxury brand, such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton, and calls for luring a different type of customer. This is an example of what type of market segmentation?
Which of the following is the LEAST important influence on consumer behavior?
technological factors
In consumer behavior, what is the name for the influences that include the “way of living” that distinguishes one large group from another and one ethnic group from another?
What do consumers exhibit when they regularly purchase products because they are satisfied with the products’ performance?
brand loyalty
Reading the relevant issues of Consumer Reports prior to purchasing a product is an example of what part of the consumer buying process?
information seeking
Marketing does not stop with the sale of a product. What is the term that describes what happens after the sale?
postpurchase evaluation
What do B2B buyer-seller situations often involve?
frequent and enduring buyer-seller relationships
Bill is looking for an insurance policy at an affordable price. What type of good or service is he looking for?
shopping service
What type of good is a custom-made wedding gown classified as?
specialty good

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