?“Blue Against White” by Jeannette C. Armstrong Essay

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This intense, short narrative contains flashbacks of a adult female named Lena’s childhood. She was invariably embarrassed of her civilization and household. She yearned for assimilation and could non manage the force per unit area of being different all her life. Lena eventually decides to go forth the modesty and prosecute her life journey in the metropolis, where she would besides be schooled. Not merely does Lena happen out that the metropolis is non the greatest finish, she realizes that once more, she does non suit in amongst everyone – in this instance the “white society.”

The narrative is full of symbolism. First of wholly, the bluish door symbolizes the supporter herself – Lena. She represents the door. Her whole life she was embarrassed by the manner the bright bluish colour of the door stuck out. She was excessively immature so, to recognize that it is all right to stand out and that individuality is good. The crow that is mentioned in the narrative, symbolizes all of the picks that Lena has made. “She had hated the soil route and the clay in the spring and the dust in the summer” , these are the words that she uses in the narrative, to depict her feelings about her place. Based on them, we can see that populating at that place, for her, was non the ideal topographic point.

Lena does non desire to be different any longer. She decides to travel to the metropolis and there she goes to school. Hoping for a new life and no more standing out, Lena easy gets defeated. She learns that even if you move to a topographic point with a higher population, you can still be entirely. After coming to footings with herself and realizing that the metropolis is non what she expected, Lena goes back to the modesty. She was happy to return to her roots. They are the one topographic point you are ever welcome to come back to. As she was coming place she was glad to see the Canis familiariss running freely in the modesty and the bluish door that she despised all her life had now shown her a mark of place and safety.

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