Black People and Family Support – College Essay Example
Black People and Family Support – College Essay Example

Black People and Family Support – College Essay Example

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  • Published: October 4, 2017
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The novel "Dougy" by James Moloney tackles several important themes such as Family Support, Racial Conflict, Racial Discrimination, and Determination. These themes are relevant in today's society. A significant aspect of the book is the strong bond within Dougy and Gracey's family. They always support each other, as seen when Gracey goes to Brisbane and her family fully supports her decision. Dougy ensures Gracey's safety while waiting on the hall roof for a helicopter pickup. The quote "The Moodaguddas got Gracey. He’s taken her back into the water. They have to help her" demonstrates the importance of family support in the novel. Another theme explored in "Dougy" is Racial Conflict, evident when some white people believe they are superior to the indigenous people. Craig expresses his frustration with Raymond's father for not pulling


his weight at work and rarely being present for his family. This racial conflict impacts Craig's relationship with his own father. Furthermore, a scene in the hall involves an argument between Cooper, Brett, Gracey, Dougy, and Tiny, indicating further racial tension in the novel."The quotation mark for this is 'Johnny Warren hasn't done a thing. None of the chaps have. Hell they haven't,' shouted Cooper. There's already one adult male been changeable one on our side.' Racial Conflict happens mundane in Dougys town and gets so serious it ends up a war. Another subject in 'Dougy' is Racial Discrimination. Racial Discrimination is the manner of life in Dougys town with the Whites and the inkinesss. An illustration of this is when Dougys mum wanted to acquire into a cab but the cab driver didn't trust her because of her skin coloring material

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'I want to be certain you have hard currency on you. Sometimes I've driven YOU people around and acquire no money at the terminal.' Another illustration of in the book 'Dougy' is in Dougys town where the white people ain everything and have the higher places. 'No inkinesss in our town were the foreman of anything ever the Whites.' Racial Discrimination happens a batch in Dougys town and Dougy has to set up with it and get by. Determination is a subject non merely found in the book but in mundane life. An illustration of this is when Gracey wants to run at province despite what the white childs say. 'Gracey, you cant afford to run,' Gracey merely ignored those white childs say. Another illustration is when Dougy is seeking to happen Gracey when she's in the H2O. 'The Moodagudda has sucked her in. We have to happen her.' Determination is a large portion of Dougys personality."Through the experiences of Dougy and his household, the novel delves into various issues that affect Aboriginal people living in contemporary society. These include racial favoritism, racial conflict, and the importance of family support and determination. As we read, we gain a deeper understanding of the Aboriginal position. By Steve Jedrzejczak.

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