Biology-Lesson 3

_______ Isolation occurs when two species occupy different habitats within the same geographical range.
he tail bone of humans is an example of a/an _______ structure
According to the theory of evolution, birds’ feathers evolved from
reptile scales
Which of the following is an example of a group of prokaryotic organisms?
Darwin argued that the beak size and shape of Galapagos finch species was related to their
food source
_______ is/are the raw material of evolutionary change
Spherically shaped bacteria are known as
Both insects and roundworms exhibit ______, whereas sponges, snails, and leeches do not.
molting during growth
The most diverse and prevalent organisms on earth are
A chart that illustrates a series of species with their common ancestor is called a
When female deer mate with male deer that have the largest antlers, _______ selection is occurring
Which one of the following statements presents a condition required for the Hardy-Weinberg principle to be in effect?
random mating occurs
What organisms can live in hot springs and thermal vents?
Which of the following is not a characteristic of Arthropods that has attributed to their diversity and success?
A. Endoskeleton
B. Highly developed nervous system
C. Segmentation
D. Jointed appendages
Fungi are considered to be more closely related to animals rather than plants because they
can’t make their own food
During the life cycle of a plant, gametophyte is to n as sporophyte is to
In the evolutionary adaptation sense, what is fitness?
the reproductive success of an individual
Angiosperms may use any of the following to disperse pollen except
In evolution, the study of vertebrate forelimbs is related to _______ evidence.
Organisms that can interbreed and bear fertile offspring are considered to be in the same