Biology chapter 1 review

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scientific methodology is closely linked to ___ and ___
exploration and discovery
scientists share their findings with the scientific community by
publishing articles that undergo peer review
publishing peer-reviewed articles scientific journals allows scientist to
test and evaluate each others work, and share ideas
scientists strive to be
describe how new ideas are generated
curiosity, open-mindedness, collaboration, creativity, and communication
new ideas are results of
Living things share these characteristics
they are made of cells, have a universal genetic code, they obtain and use materials and energy, grow develop and reproduce, respond to their stimuli as they mature, maintain a stable internal environment
life requires matter that provides
raw material, nutrients, and energy
taken as a group, living things ___ and ___ over time
evolve and change
all living things are fundamentally similar at the ___ level
Science is not a list of facts but
\”a way of knowing\”
is the use of living cells, bacteria, etc. to make useful products (such as crops that insects are less likely to destroy or new kinds of medicine)
is the science of the earth ecosystem
global ecology
deals with the nature of biological phenomena at the molecular level through the study of DNA and RNA, proteins, and other macromolecules involved in genetic information and cell function
molecular biology
the genetic molecule common to all living things
the internal process of ___ enables living things to survive changing conditions
living things are capable to responding to different types of
living things have a long history of ___change
the continuation of life depends of both ___ and ___
sexual and asexual
the combination of chemical reactions that make up and organism’s ___ help to organize raw materials into living mattet
cellular basis of life
living things are made of cells
info and heredity
living things are based on a universal genetic code called DNA
Matter and energy
life requires matter that provides raw materials, nutrients, and energy
growth, development, and reproduction
all living things reproduce
living things maintain a relatively stable internal environment
taken as a group, living things evolve and change over time
structure and function
each major group of organisms has evolved structure that make particular functions possible
unity and diversity of life
all living things are fundamentally similar at the molecular level
interdependence in nature
all forms of life on earth are connected into a biosphere-a living planet
science as a way of knowing
science is not a list of facts but \”a way of knowing\”

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