bats – Flashcard

Bats are _______ of all night flying insectspredators
Between 60 and 70% of all bats are ___________insectivores
A single brown bat can eat up to 1,000 ______ in one hour.mosquitoes
Bats are the only form of mammal to have attained _________ _________powered flight
________ is an infectious viral disease that affects the nervous system of humans and other mammalsrabies
Bats use ________ to communicateecholocation
The Old World fruit bat is known as a _______, because it is quite largemegabat
Bats distribute different ______, which are vital to a rain forest survivingseeds
Bats are sometimes mistaken as _________.Birds
Bats hang _________ _______ when they are sleeping.upside down
Bats are __________ because they sleep at nightnocturnal
Some types of bats are ______________ like the big-eared bat.endangered
Bats can lose their ______ to clear cutting in forests in which they live.habitat
You can help conserve bat habitats by making your own _______ _______.bat house
One common myth is that bats are _______.blind
Another myth is that bats get caught in your ____ when swooping down to
The scientific name for bats is _______ meaning "hand-wing".Chiroptera
The largest bat is known to have a ____ _____ wing span.six foot
The smallest bat is known to weigh less than a __________.penny
There are almost 1000 species of bats all over the world and only three are known as ______ ____.vampire bats
Most bats have only one ________ each year.pup
Not only can bats eat insects, but they can scoop up ______ in ponds and
In bat wings, they have delicate _______ stretched across their arms and feet.membranes
___________ are much smaller, and the live all over the world.microbats
Some bats ______, which means they sleep during the winter.hibernate

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