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ISS facility services is a security firm in Australia.

This company entered Australian marketplace in 2002 and is now one of the country’s largest facility services providers. The main department of the firm is security division. The Core Services for the Security division include general security guarding, emergency response, consulting services, operational risk management, development and implementation of safety plans and a focus on service supply to the Australian Aviation and Maritime Security Sector (ISS, 2008). This company exists in the great Australian market.This market is very rich in potential, and has very many market players in the same field.

The great competition that exists must be checked properly and strategic measures taken to remain on top. ISS facility services experiences competition from companies like Wilson Security and Chubb Security who are also the market leaders in the industry (ISS, 2008). Any company that has desire to remain on top must set itself rightly in the market. This includes analysis of the competitors, and checking the market trends (Kotelnikov, 2008).All these processes result into formulation of vision for the future.

ISS facility has this interest of remaining the market leader. This is the main reason for the formulation of this report. Market analysis is part of the areas of concern on the report. The company also has other branches in the nearby countries.

Many more companies exist in the market. About 1500 security firms exist in Australia alone. This calls for serious strategies. Diversity is another area that the company has greatly majored on (Kotelnikov, 2007). However this will not be discussed in details in the report.The report is arranged in a very systematic order, with the preliminary part being the title bearing the company name.

Executive summary then follows and contains a brief outline of the company strategic plans. ISS facility services is a security firm is then described in details. This description explains more on the product that the company majors on. It further gives description about the market in which the company operates, and lastly explains value creation strategies of ISS facility services is a security firm. The report then outlines business costs: both long and short term expenditure.Market structure is then analyzed and various driving forces checked in details.

The main aim of this report is to give the way forward for ISS facility services. This is a vision of expansion. Analysis of the various sections of the market provides secrets of success. Competitive strategy for the next four years is then formulated upon consideration of all the market dynamics.

OVERVIEW OF BUSINESS The company The world of this generation is very dynamic and different from that of the past. Increase in crime rates is the main reason that motivated entrepreneurs to invest heavily in the security sector.ISS facility services is a security firm in Australia. Australia as a country has close to 1714 security firms which are actively involved in offering service (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2006). However only two major companies are a threat to ISS LTD and these are: Wilson and chubb security who have also dominated the market throughout Australia (ISS, 2008) This company entered the Australian marketplace in 2002 and is now one of the country’s largest facility services providers, with revenues exceeding AU$720M pa.The company also has employee base of over 18,000 people.

ISS Security is the second largest provider of security services in Australia. The company targets clients from very senior organizations and firms. This calls for proper advertisement and positioning. One strategy laid for this was the creation of company website.

The business website is no. 1. Other websites with information concerning the company are No. 2 and No.

3 The product The main Services offered by the security division include general security guarding and emergency response especially in cases of robbery.Other areas include consulting services, operational risk management, development and implementation of safety plans and a focus on service supply. .ISS offers a wide range of service solutions which can be combined to merge all of a customer’s service and support requirements into one single solution, with the ability to offer cleaning, office support, property services, catering and security within a single package.

These services target specific clients, some of which include the Australian Aviation and Maritime Security Sector (ISS, 2008).ISS is the security provider in most airports in Australia with a market possession of 70%. Examples of current relationships include Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane airports, in which it provides services like passenger and baggage screening, air-side patrols and freight screening. The market ISS majors in provision of security. Security is a major need for all man kind. Australia provides a very fertile ground for security products.

Banks all over the country are in dire need for security, and this spreads to all their branches.All companies, schools, and colleges need security personnel. This is a fertile ground for ISS security firm. Some businesses however do employ their security personnel directly. This has proved very expensive to most firms and I the long term, they resort to Outsourcing.

Australian market is very dynamic. Many changes in technology have overlapping effects on the market. A study conducted indicated that security firms have greatly diversified there activities to include a lot more areas. This is one way to increase income because diversity always brings opportunity.This data is summarized as below: Former statistics indicate that there are 1,714 businesses in the security services industry. The provision of static guard/crowd control services was the main activity of 811 (47%) businesses, while the provision of mobile patrol services was the main activity of 420 businesses.

Of the remaining businesses, 368 were mainly involved in private investigative and enquiry services, 54 businesses in security monitoring services and 26 businesses in cash-in-transit/armored car services (Australian retailers association, 2007).The Australian company also has other branches in the neighboring countries. This venture is to help in expanding the market. With time more clients are obtained and the former ones are retained by providing efficient services. More factors to consider in the market include economic levels of the environment, political stability in the area and the weather patterns like winter and summer seasons.

Australia is a well developed country and this implies that it has a good economic base. Such an environment is good for investors for the simple reason that a lot of money is in circulation.The Australian capital Sydney hosts very many international organizations, government officers, parastatals and many multinational business firms. This is enough security to set up an investment.

The country is very stable as concerns politics. The government regulations are very welcoming. Such regulations include: policy of equal treatment by the government. This is a policy which eliminates discrimination of some firms at the expense of others. Affordable tax and tariff costs are another motivation in this great market.

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