Astronomy chapter 3

1. Electromagnetic radiation
Another term for a little electromagnetic with the race with transfers energy information from one place to another
2. Visible light
The small range to the electromagnetec spectrum that humanize perceive as late
3 Radio
Region of the electromagnetic spectrum corresponding to radiation to the longest wavelength
4 Infrared
Region of the electromagnetic spectrum
5 Ultraviolet
Region of the electromagnetic spectrum
6 X rays
Region of the electromagnetic spectrum
7 Gamma rays
Region of the electromagnetic spectrum
8 Wave
A pattern and just repeats it self
9 Wavelength
The distance from one way to another
10 Amplitude
11 Frequency
The number of Wavecresst passing any given point in unit time
12 Electron
In elementary particle with a negative electric charge
13 Proton
Elementary particle will positive electric charge
14 Magnetic field
Field which accompanies any changing electric field and covers any influence in magnetize I’m 61 and then
15 Electromagnetic
Then you need to have like two is the amendment which do not exist as independent quantities to expect a single physical for now
16 Speed of light
The fesses possible speed
17 Electromagnetic spectrum
The complete range of electric magnetic radiation
18 Temperature
A measure of heat in a object amount of heat in the object in an indication of speed of particles that compromise it
19 blackbody
The distribution of the invented radiation
20 wiens law
Relation between the wavelength at which a black body curve peaks and the temperature of the emitter
21 Stefans law
Relation that gives the total energy emitted per square meter of its surface per second
23 Doppler effect
Any motion induced change in the observed wavelength of a wave
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