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Joslyn Art Museum I recently took a trip to the Joslyn Art Museum and was very impressed with the art, mainly the paintings. I had never really been to an art museum Just to look around but I found that a lot of the paintings used the techniques that we discussed in class. I will be analyzing three paintings Fallen Angels by Francois Cibot, Saint Francis in Prayer by El Greco and Sacred Conversation- Madonna, Child, Saints and Donor by Giovani di Niccolo Mansueti.

One of the most interesting paintings to me there was Fallen Angels this painting seemed so interesting because it used the technique of Chiaroscuro. This painting was part of the Renaissance collection and it was an oil painting. Chiaroscuro was one the two main advances in renaissance art, the artist would use the art of shadowing and alternate from light colors to dark colors. Usually the light colors would be on an individual like in this painting the angels are both white and the entire background it dark.

The next piece I noticed was Saint Francis in Prayer this piece was done during the Renaissance but El Greco was a Spanish artist. He added a third dimension to his art, but it was still very dark. In the painting I looked at El Greco painted a background, middle layer and the front layer. The center of the painting was still a man, which seemed very common during his time period. The last painting I chose to examine was Sacred Conversation- Madonna; an Italian painter did this painting.

It seemed that this painting was completed toward the end of the Renaissance movement because there was a a lot of color associated with this painting as well as multiple people pictured instead of Just one person being the focal point of the painting. I was not expecting much going into the museum, but as I was looking over the art it was really cool to see patterns and techniques that we had talked about in class actually in use. I will definitely be back to the Joslyn sometime soon.

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