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The animal antics and court activities depicted in the Yamato-e handscroll Frolicking Animals from the Heian period are attributed to which artist’s hand?
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Toba Sojo

What is a distinguishing factor in the study of Chinese history?
Its uninterrupted history that can be traced back 8000 years.

Which of the following is NOT true about the Great Wild Goose Pagoda at Ci’en Temple in Chang’an?
It is a wooden structure.

The Chinese view the stamped characters or _____ that often appear on art not as disfigurations, but as additional layer of interest in the work.

How does the Ise Shrine reflect Shinto’s emphasis on ritual purification?
It is rebuilt every 20 years

Named for the patterns on pottery, the _______ period is known for its coiled clay vessels that probably imitated reed baskets.
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Which Japanese practice does NOT have origins in Chinese culture?
joined-block construction

Kosho’s portrait sculpture of Kuya Preaching depicts six small Buddhas emerging from the monk’s mouth to represent his __________.

The Painted Banner from the tomb of Marquess of Dai reflects the worldview of ancient China through complex iconography that ___________..
links the human and supernatural realms

Fang ding vessels found in royal tombs were used in rituals involving _________.

How does the Descent of Amida and the Twenty-Five Bodhisattvas reflect indigenous Japanese beliefs?
all of the answers

What monumental form is a fundamental element of Buddhist worship?
the stupa

Raigo paintings depicting Amida Buddha, accompanied by bodhisattvas, coming to earth were commonly ________________.
taken to the homes of dying people

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