Art from the Ocean by Ben Lawson Essay Example
Art from the Ocean by Ben Lawson Essay Example

Art from the Ocean by Ben Lawson Essay Example

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  • Published: September 9, 2017
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The highly-intricate and exceptional piece displayed above portrays the universal theme of ocean life. This theme is clearly identified instantly by the subject matter consisting of an extravagant octopus grasping onto a pole-shaped object. I believe this finely drawn creature has been placed upon the pages of an ancient, slightly torn encyclopaedia to represent the classification of organisms and to create an antique atmosphere. His artwork addresses fundamental scientific concepts of classification and I believe he is attempting to portray how an organism of this beauty and intricacy cannot be described purely in a scientific manner.Mere words fail to create a realistic picture of the species.

I believe Ben Lawson either relied upon direct observation or a visual source to create the detailed masterpiece. His imagination also contributed to the piece by allowing character and mo


vement into the creature. The subject matter is treated extremely realistically with even minor details creating shading, lighting and complexity. The content of his piece can easily be deciphered within minutes of viewing but the meaning relies upon an extended amount of thought and contemplation.

His intention was to obscure the encyclopaedia page with the image to cause the meaning of classification to be more difficult to interpret. Ben Lawson has drawn life into the creature to create movement and a sense of action. I believe this again represents the complexity of the organism. Ben Lawson created this illustration with the idea of scientific concepts and classification constantly on his mind. I believe the design with the sketch created upon the aging encyclopaedia relates to and describes the content successfully.Lawson solely used black ink pen to create his ocean creature and

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to be harmonious with the black olden lettering used on the background.

The black creates bold, vivid shapes and lines to incorporate essential detail into the octopus. Also, the black pen dominates the piece and attracts attention immediately with its fine detail and boldness. Lawson's illustration consists of one organic form portraying a highly detailed sea-life octopus wrapped around a pole.The subject matter stands alone creating dominance and significance in the piece, shadowing the browning page left behind it. The creature is unique and individual and there is no reason for it to be linked or associated with anything else.

The use of lines has created a clear outline to the image and incorporated a significantly large amount of detail and movement. Tones have created shading and lighting and has brought the creature into a three dimensional image of action and intricacy.These tones and lines have created a visual, thought-provoking texture. The overall piece creates a thoughtful, slightly uncomfortable atmosphere. No use of bright vibrant colours has caused the image to seem factual, eerie and dark and causes you to begin to understand the magnificence of the creature.

Ben Lawson simply created this piece by removing a page from an ancient encyclopaedia and using a black fine line pen to form an exquisite sea-life creature on top of this. I believe these were the only materials Lawson used to create the extravagant piece.I believe Ben Lawson began the work by creating subtle light lines to create an outline of the organism he was intending to create. He then added the essential detail to create movement and accuracy and then he incorporated lighting and shading to

bring the picture alive as a 3d image. He may have then added several minor details to introduce more character, action and movement until its completion. I believe Ben Lawson, in preparation, must have studied the movement and detail of sea-life creatures considerably before creating this piece.

This support and knowledge helped confirm how realistically he could create the organism. Initially, I believe Lawson used an image or photograph to first create a suitable outline for the original illustration but then added delicate details of his own to finish the piece. Due to the utter intricacy and sheer detail of the piece I believe this was created over a considerable time span (3 - 4 hours) for a piece of that type and size. Lawson successfully created a stunning piece due to his eye for movement and his strong desire for detail.

Not only does this piece cause me to consider the magnificence and significance of organisms but it also inspires me to remember past experiences where I have witnessed creatures living in their habitats. It efficiently captures an atmosphere of interest and surprise at viewing a new species of a strange type and excellence. The piece successfully communicates concepts associated with nature and the brilliance of it. He is attempting to show the significance of animals other than ourselves.

Ben Lawson was inspired by his earlier career as a physicist and his worldwide travels to destinations with several diverse habitats.As he was creating this piece I imagine he was contemplating and considering his previous life and actions and attempting to portray the emotions he was feeling at the time directly into the piece. This image is

exciting and interesting while simultaneously being informative and realistic. I believe the meaning, the detail and the action of the organism causes many to have this perspective of the piece.

In my view, I consider this work to be a picture of excellence and sheer intricacy. Lawson has successfully caused others to hold a different perspective on life and nature surrounding us.

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