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Application Software for Supply Chain Managements
Application Software for Supply Chain Managements

Application Software for Supply Chain Managements

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  • Published: October 11, 2018
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The concept of supply chain

The term "supply chain" is often used in the creation of information systems’ companies. But the concept of an enterprise as a representation of the supply chain is designed in a modern organization theory.

By the specialists of the companies all over the world, including the specialists in information systems, it is often considered as a concept of a property information system. In the other opinion, some of them believe that this concept can be incorporated by a developer of the software package developed by or in the network computing system.

RQ 1. What are the solutions among applications regarding the "supply chain" which can be used?

What decisions regarding the "supply chain" can or should be taken by the leadership of the company?

In answering the question, it is important to remember that any supply chain has two main functions:

- A Physical function is a supply chain, i.e. materials are converted into the details, and those - in the finished product, and all of this in some way move in space.

- An intermediary function of the supply chain provides the arrival on the market of what to consumers.

The functions are performed with some costs. The implementation of the physical function leads to the costs of production, transportation and storage.

Brokering leads to the costs of a different kind:

- The excess of supply over demand makes it necessary to reduce the price and sell at a loss;

- The excess of demand over supply leads to the lost revenue and damage to a reputation (image) of the organization due to the appearance


of not satisfied customers.

RQ 2. What are the main features of the Oracle E-Business Suite R12 for Supply Chain Management, in particular?


The issues related to the supply chain management were studied by numerous researchers in this field, such as Bowman (1993), Ding (1997), Frohlich (2000), Lamport (1986), and Sanella (1994). In particular, in his book Oracle E-Business Suit Supply Chain Management (2010), Muneed Siddiqui describes the main features of this software, revealing the main issues and principles of its work for various types of businesses and the companies of different sizes. No matter if the company is large or small; the software works very well to any kind of business. It enables the possibility to organize the supply chain management properly due to various features the software contains.


There is a great number of applications, which are widely used for the supply chain management, such as JDA, SAP, Accalos, Geneva Business Management Systems (GBMS), Epicor Supply Chain Management, Savant WMS, 3Plink, Cadence WMS, PremierWwarehouse Investory Control, IntellTrack WMS RK, Oracle, and etc. Let’s try to have a look at some of them.

3.1 JDA

With the development of the supply chain, companies can better control the situation and better balance between the working capital and productivity at the level of service. Large companies are now looking to expand their capacity to control the current one through the integration of financial planning and production functions’ business goals. The experience i

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planning operations and the vast experience in the field of the supply chain management has enabled the JDA to become a leader and a pioneer in the market of integrated solutions for a business planning. The JDA solutions have enabled senior management to lead the tactical and operational plans in line with the financial objectives of the company, as well as to choose the best solutions to the problems of operations, should they arise.

3.2. SAP

The SAP is composed of a set of application modules that support different business processes and are integrated with each other in the real time.

The purpose: The software is designed for accounting and planning of materials and financial resources of the company in the real time.

The SAP is focused mainly on large and medium-sized enterprises.

3.3. Accelos

Accellos is the centralized solutions for the supply chain. In the today's competitive business environment, you need to have a solution that is not only centralized, but adapted to the needs of a specific chain of supplies.Accellos One is such a solution.

Accellos covers a wide range of solutions for the implementation of the supply chain and combines the best of technology that can offer such providers as, for example, Microsoft and Oracle. The main feature of secreting Accellos among other representatives of the industry is the ability to provide some cost-effective solutions, which are the source of innovation with a small investment.

3.4. WMS Logistics Vision Suits

The Logistics Vision Suite (LVS) is a modern family of the advanced software-class Supply Chain Execution, which can not only effectively to manage the warehouse business processes, but also the entire supply chain starting from sales forecasting and the needs to management of the performance in all areas of logistics chain: production, warehouse and transport. The Logistics Vision Suite is a powerful advanced IT solution designed primarily for the automation of logistics business processes of large enterprises and that is focused on the business development of companies operating in different segments. The core of the system is a warehouse management system (WMS), i.e. the Warehouse Vision.

The main difference of the warehouse management system WMS Logistics Vision Suite from other WMS-systems is an object-oriented architecture. The WMS Logistics Vision Suite operates on objects such as a warehouse, the cell product, warehouse resources, purchase orders, receiving, shipping order, the owner of the goods, suppliers, customers, and etc. The relationship of these elements in each transaction occurs at the level of their properties or attributes, the number of which is not limited. Attributes, that is important, are not just the background information and characteristics of objects that affect certain business processes.


The set of such applications as Oracle E-Business Suite is based on a market-leading database and some application server products Oracle in a single process stack. The integration with the tools for Infrastructure management (Oracle Enterprise Manager 11, GridControl) offers a performance and reliability of some typical enterprise solutions, class, while reducing the total cost of an ownership decision (TCO) for customers in all the industries. The architecture of

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