AP World History Test #4: Nationalism

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strong feeling of patriotism, or feeling superior to other ethnic groups
Spanish Nationalism
Birth of Nationalism against Napoleon’s forces
Francisco Goya
Painted the \”The Third of May, 1808\” Showed Spanish struggle against French
Congress of Vienna
1815- Klaus von Metternich organized this to divide Europe up (back to pre-Napoleon era)
Greece (unification)
1821- revolts vs Ottomans start. 1822- Greeks declare independence from Ottomans but officially recognized in 1832 (treaty of Constantinople). UK, France and Russians helped the Greek.
Ottoman Empire
weakened during period 5
Greek Orthodox Church
Thought they were a different ethnic group so they created their own Church.
George Gordon
Title: Lord Byron. Went to Greece to fight against the Ottomans. English poet.
Nationalist Revolutions
Inspired by Greece and Spain.
Socialist Revolution
People wanted parliamentary government and political power.
Attemped reform. King who was chased off by French Revolutionaries in 1848.
Louis Napoleon (Napoleon III)
President of France after new government, 1848?
Giuseppe Mazzini
(1805-1872) Italian activist who formed the Young Italy Movement. inspired nationalism in Hungary and Ireland.
Young Italy Movement
Promoted Austrian/Spanish Independence and Italian Unification.
Frankfurt Assembly
German Liberals gathered at Frankfurt Assembly in May 1848. Kaiser Freidrich Wilhelm refused the crown in March 1849.
Frederich Wilhelm II
Denied German Crown. King of Prussia
Prussian assembly
King Wilhelm formed assembly to listen to people’s demands
Magyar Revolt
Revolt led by Lajos Kussuth.
They revolted against Austria in the name of a self-government.
Ethnic minorities
Small groups of different ethnicities in an area which is dominated by other ethnic majorities.
Austrian Empire
Lots of ethnic minorities in the empire.
France (Nationalism)
French Revolution of 1848: People are starving, food riots, strikes. Banquet Campaigns to raise money. wanted Suffrage.
Germany (Nationalism)
1848: People starving, food riots and people wanted unification. Demanded a pan-German Union Nation. Failed after Kaiser Freidrich Wilhelm II refused.
Swift reform brought by Kaiser Wilhelm
Italy (Nationalism) – 1848
Wanted unification, independence from Austria. Mazzini led revolt against Pope in Feb 1849, (MISTAKE) France killed them.
Revolutions of 1848
turning point in modern history failed to bring change.
Cultural Nationalism
Unifying people with same culture. NOT Ethnicity.
German Volk (people) who believed this to be the popular soul or spirit of their community.
The Brothers Grimm
Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. Played By Jason Bourne and The Joker. Collected popular poetry, songs and tales to express the German Volk.
Norse Mythology
Thor and Loki. Hemsworth and Hiddleston, and Odin the old guy.
Some German composer
\”The Watch on the Rhine\”
Anthem by Max Schnekenburger. 1870 in Germany, purpose was to inspire German soldiers and people.
Hatred against Jews.
Basically being a Nazi.
Response to Anti-Semitism, belief that Jews should have a seperate state.
Alfred Dreyfus
France trolled this French Jew in court for apparently spying for the Germans.
Thomas Herzl
Father of Zionism
Camille Cavour
Fat guy (in case he comes up in SBMC) Prime Minister of Piedmont and Sardinia. Expelled Austrians from North Italy. Created Treaties to expand and unify Italy.
\”The Jewish State\”
Speech by Thomas Herzl, 1896. Said that Jews should have a homeland.
Organized Movements against Jews at nighttime.
Giuseppe Garibaldi
(1807-1898). Led a unification movement in South Italy. Gave Italy to King Victor Emmanuel.
Victor (Vittore) Emmanuel
King of Piedmont and Sardinia. brought a new Monarchy, expanded Italy.
Italian Unification
Otto von Bismarck
1815-1898. Prime Minister to King Wilhelm of Prussia. Realpolitik master, provoked 3 wars in Denmark, Austria and France to unify Germany.
The Second Reich
Second Reign belonged to the King of Prussia
Franco-Prussian War
German Unification
National Symbols
Flags, anthems, you know?
National education
Public education in the late 19th Century. In UK, USA, Germany and France, 90% literacy rate by 1900.
Cult of Domesticity
Role of women was to stay in their homes (upper and middle class). Keep their homes clean and raise the children to be patriotic.

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