AP Psych Unit 8 Test Review

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Joni claims that she is intellectually gifted because she “posses” an IQ of 145. She is most clearly committing the error known as

Factor analysis is a statistical procedure that can be used to
identify clusters of closely related test items

Spearman’s g factor refers to
a general intelligence that underlies successful performance on a wide variety of tasks

A statistical procedure that identifies clusters of test items that seem to tap a common ability is called
factor analysis

Those who score above average on tests of mathematical aptitude are also likely to score above average on tests of verbal aptittude. According to spearman, this best illustrates the importance of
the g factor

Robert Sternberg distinguished among analytical, practica, and _____ intelligence.

When Phoebe strongly disagrees with her sister’s opinion, she effectivley controls her own anger and responds with empathy to her sister’s frustration regarding their dispute. Her behavior best illustrates
Emotional Intelligence

The ability to control one’s impulses and delay immediate pleasueres in pursuit of long-term goals is most claerly a characteristic of
Emotional Intelligence

In very stressful or embarrassing situations, Sanura is able to maintain her poise and help others to ell comfortable. Sanura’s ability best illustrates the value of
Emotional Intelligence

The components of creativity include
Expertise and a venturesome personality

In one experiment, college students were either aware of unaware that experts would evaluate their creativity in constructing paper collages. This experiment most directly illustrated that creativity is facilitated by
Intrinsic motivation

Managers who want to foster innovation in the workplace should try to increase the _____ of their employees
Intrinsic motivation

People who score higher on intelligence tests exhibit
more neural plasticity and faster brain-wave responses to simple stimuli than do those with lower scores

To assess mental age, Binet and Simon measured children’s
reasoning skills

Intelligence tests were initially designed by Binet and Simon to assess
academic aptitude

Binet and Terman would have been most likely to disagree about the
extent to which intelligence is determined by heredity

12 year old Benjy has an IQ of 75 on the original version of the Stanford-Binet. His mental age is

Sorina has a mental age of 10 and an IQ of 125 as measured by the Stanford Binet. Sorina’s chronological age is

A test of your capacity to learn to be be an automobile mechanic would be considered a(n) ____ test

Tests designed to assess what a person has learned are called ____ tests

A test designed to assess whether newly graduated medical students should be granted the legal right to practice medicine would most likely be considered a(n) ____ test.

Before publishing her test of musical aptitude, Professor Reed first administered the test to a representative sample of people. This was most clearly necessary for test:

Unlike today’s most widely used intelligence tests, the original Stanford-Binet would be most clearly criticized with respect to its:
Standardization sample

A bell-shaped curve that characterizes a large sample of intelligence test scores is a graphic representation of a:
normal distribution

The distribution of intelligence test scores in the general population forms a bell-shaped patter. This pattern is called a:
normal curve

Cp,[aring the average performance of the initial WAIS standardization sample provides convincing evidence of
the Flynn effect

Researchers assess the correlation between scores obtained on two halves of a single test inorder to measure the ___ of a test.

Researchers assess the correlation between scores obtained on alternate forms of the same test in order to measure the ___ of the test.

Your psychology professor has announced that the next test will assess your understandinf of sensation and perception. When you recieve the test, however, you find that very few questions actually relate to these topics. In this instance, you would be concerned about the ___ of the test.

Psychologists measure the correlation between aptitude test scores and school grades in order to assess the ____ of the sptitude test.

Academic aptitude test scores are most likely to predict accurately the academic success of _____ students.
elementary school

The high posititve correlations between scores recieved on comparable sections of the SAT and GRE provide evidence for the ____ of these test scores

Mark suffers severe mental retardation. ALthough he speaks very little, he has been trained to put on his own clothes and perform simple tasks under close supervision. Mark’s intelligence score is most likely between
20 and 34

Which of the following observations provides the best evidence that intelligence test scores are influenced by environment?
Fraternal twins are more similar in their intelligence scores than are ordinary siblings

Children’s intelligence test scores tend to
rise during the school year ans rise during the summer months

Increasing years of school over the last half century have most likely contributes to
the Flynn effect

Research on racial and ethnic differences in intelligence indicates that:
the average mathematics achievement test scores of Asian children are notably high than those of North american children

The average difference in intellecutal aptitude scores of white and black college graduates has been observed to be greates when these individuals were
high school juniors

Exposure to high levels of high male sex hormones during prenatal development is most likely to facilitate the subsequent development of
Spatial abilities

Blacks have been found to score lower on tests of verbal aptitude when tested by Whites than when tested by Blacks. This best illustrates the impact of:
Stereotype Threat

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