AP Human Geography China

China compared to India and the ancient Middle East
had little contact with people in Eurasia

The first Chinese Dynasty to have writing, cities, and metalworking was

The dominant type of soil in the Yellow River basin is loess, best defined as
loose, wind driven soil easy to till

What was the predominant agricultural activity in the Yangzi river basin
rice farming

Agriculture has been practiced in China since about
10,000 B.C.E.

Of the several Neolithic regional cultures that emerged the pottery of the northwest can be described as
red with black decorations

Neolithic cultures in China King to share many customs of how to treat the dead including
the use of coffins and burials

Anyang was
the seat of Shang government for more than 2 centuries

Palaces, temples, and altars in Anyang were built
rammed earth foundations

Why were many of the homes at Anyang built partly below the ground
to conserve heat

Texts found in Shang Royal tombs at Anyang show that Shang kings were

One of the most important sources of the Shane came as well was from the sale of slaves who were often
war captives

Shing Warriors used weapons made of

Beginning in 1200 B.C.E. what new technology entered China

The Shang king
Serves as high priest

Underground tombs built for Shang kings
revealed the practice of human sacrifice

Those people who volunteered to be buried with deceased kings and consorts usually had what with them
grave goods

Most Shang farmers used tools made of

One new crop introduced in China from West Asia during the Shang period was

The development of more complex forms of social organization in Shang China coincided with the mastery of

The majority of recovered bronze objects from the Shang dynasty are
rituals vessels

The predominant images on Shang bronze decorations are
wild animals

In the images found on Shang bronzes, the cicada might represent
rebirth in the spiritual realm

In Shang culture, the taotie was a
stylized animal face image

In 1986, in the western province of Sichuan, archaeologists discovered a culture contemporary with the Shang that also produced

There is clear evidence of Chinese writing by 1200 bce, in what kind of text?

The written Chinese language
Was a major ally of power and rule

In the Chinese logographic system of writing
each word was represented by a single symbol

Communication between China, Vietnam, and Japan was facilitated by the use of
the same written characters

One of the enemies of the Shang, the Qiang, probably spoke an early version of which language?

The Zhou rose up and overthrew the Shang in about
1050 B.C.E.

The Zhou sacrificed to their ancestors as the Shang had done, and also to

A ruler retains the mandate of heaven as long as he
rules in the best interest of the people

The Zhou mandate of heaven theory might have been created to
win over the conquered Shang

In order to rule their newly conquered kingdom, the Zhou kings relied upon
loyal family members and others appointed as territorial lords

In 771 bce, a Zhou king was killed, replaced by his son, and the capital moved to

What is the best definition of Shi in relation to Zhou society
Lower ranking aristocrats

Social ties were forged and maintained in Zhou society by performing what kind of rituals?
sacrifices to ancestors

The best source for understanding everyday life at various social levels in the early Zhou is
the Book of Songs

What is the best definition of the term concubine in relation to Zhou China
legal spouses who ranked lower than the wife

Hiers to the Zhou king were
whichever son the king chose

Economic expansion in the early Zhou period was promoted by the development of
iron technology

One Shang religious practice that became less common in the Zhou period
Burying the living with the dead

One of the areas in which the Chu state challenged the authority of the Zhou was

Around 350 bce, Chinese military technology developed the

Around 350 bce, Chinese soldiers began wearing armor that was largely made from

The need for a chariot-riding aristocracy was ended by the introduction of

During the Warring States Era, China was the first culture to use what kind of names?
family names

In the Art of War, master Sun argued that
orders by commanders must be followed without question

How did the seven states that emerged out of the Warring States Era compare with the Zhou state
they were more centralized than the Zhou

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