Animal farm Study Questions

What human characteristics did Orwell give to Old Major?
Wise, smart.

What human Characteristics did Orwell give to Boxer?
Hard Working

What human characteristics did Orwell give to Mollie?
Selfish, Conceited, Into her own needs, girly

What human characteristics did Orwell give to Benjamin?
Doesn’t care, careless, has a whatever attitude, nothing matters to him.

What human characteristics did Orwell give to Napoleon?
Manipulative, insecure

Why was Old Major so respected?
He is the most wise.

What noble ideas are set forth in his dream?
There is no need to be so miserably, they need to overthrow the humans and take over the farms and live in equality with the animals.

Why are the animals so excited about singing “The Beasts of England.”?
Because they were so inspired by Old Majors speech.

Why were the pigs immediately accepted as leaders?
They were believed to be the smartest. Old Major was also a pig, or boar, so it seemed to be that if Old Major was smart/wise wouldn’t all the pigs be.

What was their motive for rebellion?
Their want from freedom from Mr. Jones.

Who formulated the seven commandments? What was democratic or not democratic about this?
(Democratic means the same as old rules or not the same)
The pigs formulated the seven commandments.
No tyranny, no trade, no money, and no living in a house were taken off the rules.

How well do the ten commandments reflect the ideas expressed in Old Major’s speech? Justify your answer.
Not very well. His idea is being twisted around by the rest of the animals. I’m sure if Old Major were still alive he would not be very happy with what is happening.

Did the pigs help the other animals work on the harvest? What did they do?
No, they pushed the other animals to do their work while they took the apples and milk.

Who did the animals admire the most?

What became Boxer’s slogan?
“I will work harder.”

Which two animals were not considered by the other animals to be good workers?
Mollie and the cat

Which animal’s character didn’t seem to change at all after the rebellion?

What 3 things happened on Sundays?
1.) Coming week plans were discussed
2.) General assembly
3.) Raising of the flag
4.) Ended meeting with “Beasts of England”

What did the Animal Flag look like?
Green with a hoof and a horn on it

At the meetings, who never seemed to agree?
Napoleon and snowball

Who formed the animals into committees?

How literate were the animals?Why would literacy be an issue?
Not very literate. Only people who know how to read fully were the pigs and benjamin. After the reading classes everyone could read at some degree.
Because they need to read important issues like rules and papers and such.

Who declared that the seven commandments could be condensed into one? What was this one maxim? Which animals would repeat this for hours?
“4 legs good, 2 legs bad.”

Who took Jessie and Bluebell’s pups to “educate” them?

What had happened to the missing milk? The apples? What was squeeler’s explanation?
Pigs took and ate them. He claimed that they took them to preserve their health.

What, according to squeeler, qould happen if the pigs failed in their duties?
Mr. Jones would come back.

How does the disappearence of the milk and apples foreshadow future events?
It shows that the pigs could also be taking other things to use to their own enjoyment or advantage.

How are the animals better off after the rebellion?
They are fed better and they no longer are slaughtered.

How are they worse off?
They tire from harder work, controlled by the pigs.

How was word sent to animals on neighboring farms?
Pigeons were to tell them of the rebellion.

Name and describe the neighbors of either side of the farm.
Foxwood- Large, neglected, old fashioned, worn out pastures, owned by Pilkington who is easy going, fishes, & hunts.
Pinchfield- Smaller, better kept, Owed by Federick who is tough and shrewd.

How did rebelliousness show itself on other farms?
Bulls turned savage, Sheep broke hedges, Cows kicked pails over, everyone knew the song beasts of england.

Early in October, Jones and men from foxwood and pinchfield attempted to take over Animal Farm. Who warned the animals?

Who has been studying Julius Caesar’s campaign strategies? What was he in charge of?
Defense strategies.

Describe the battle of cowshed.
Violent, some sheep were killed, one of Jones’ men were thought to be killed, resulted in a win for animal farm.

Who said, “The only good human is a dead one.”?

Who is discovered missing? Where was she found?
Hiding in her stall.

What military decorations were created? Who received them?
First class, Animal hero (Brass Medal)- Snowball & Boxer
Second class, animal hero- Sheep

What are the anniversary dates of the rebellion and the battle of the cowshed?
Midsummer- rebellion
October- Battle of the Cowshed

What did Mollie do wrong? Where did she finally go?
Talked to one of the men on a neighboring farm (Willington) and from the farmer she accepted ribbons and sugar. She the abandoned animal farm and went to willington.

Describe the violent debates that began to take place between snowball and napoleon.
Napoleon urinated on snowballs plans.
Napoleon drove snowball away with the dogs.

What did Napoleon train the sheep to do with “4 legs good, 2 legs bad.”?
To stop the animals from talking against his plans by interupting.

Describe the controversy over the windmill. Why would the animals be in favor of it? Who was against it and why? who didn’t take a side on it?
It makes it easier on them. Napoleon, because he was jealous. Benjamin.

How did Napoleon ruin snowballs plans?
He urinated on them.

When Napoleon and Snowball disagree on defense tactics, with whom did the animals agree?

what happened just as snowball had the animals agreeing with him?
Napoleon stood and said it was nonsense which made the animals undecisive.

Where had the 9 dogs come from?
They were Jessie and Bluebell’s pups.

What happened to Sunday meeting and debates?
They ended because Napoleon said it was a waste of time.

Why was squeeler sent around to explain the new set up?
To convince all animals that this was the way to be.

How did the animals react?
The were hesitant but they went along because for one thing they couldn’t find and argument and 2 the dogs were there, scaring them into it.

What is Boxer’s new slogan?
“Napoleon is always right”

to what did the animals now have to show reverence?
Old Major’s skull

Why is it important that Napoleon, Squeeler, and minimus now sit above the other animals?
SO they can support Napoleon also because Napoleon now has given them more authority over the others.

What do the animals learn 3 weeks later?
That the windmill will be built after all.

Why does Napoleon say he pretended to be against the windmill?
To get rid of snowball and his dangerous character and bad influence.

Who helped squeeler persuade the animals that napoleon was right?
The dogs.

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