Ancient Egypt Answers

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Name The 3 Periods Of Ancient Egypt. Old Kingdom
Middle Kingdom
New Kingdom
What Was Each Period Known For? Old Kingdom=Age of the Pyramids
Middle Kingdom=Reunification
New Kingdom=Golden Age
What Is The Name Of The River That Flows From South To North? The Nile River
What Did Pharaoh Khufu Build? The Great Pyramid Of Giza
How Many Wives Did Ramses Have? 100
What Does B.C.E Mean? Before Common Era
What Does C.E. Mean? Common Era
How Long Did The Great Pyramid Of Giza Take To Build? 20 Years
Khufu Put The Pharaohs As What? Central Authority
Senusret Ruled In What Kingdom? The Middle Kingdom
What Was Senusret's Other Name? The Patron Of The Arts
How Many Years Did Senusret Rule? 45 Years
What Did Senusret Build? The White Chapel
How Long Was The Old Kingdom Around? 500 Years
How Long Was The Middle Kingdom Around? 200 Years
How Long Was The Middle Kingdom Around? 500 Years

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