An Inspector Calls Character Analysis Essay Example
An Inspector Calls Character Analysis Essay Example

An Inspector Calls Character Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: August 1, 2017
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After reading an Inspector calls. I am certain it is obvious to any 1 who reads it that the inspector is non what he appears to be at all. At first you have no intuitions of the Inspector. but as the drama moves on it easy dawns on you that the Inspector might be an imposter. The inspector besides has major impacts on some of the characters. He is “Priestley’s vehicle for his positions on societal duty. He represents societal scruples. He has moral dimension. ”

The Inspectors name. Goole. has notable significance. Ghoul has the same sound and its significance has a great bearing on the drama. A Ghoul is “an evil spirit” To Birling. and his upper category equals ; this is an exact analysis of the Inspector. The idea of the Inspector being something extraordinary seems to be briefly confronted by Sheila but it is dismissed merely as rapidly. Another theory might be that the Inspector represents truth and is non a existent individual at all but merely a representative of justness. I think that this is a really plausible thought and likely Priestley’s ain idea. He could be a spirit stand foring the hereafter. the Birlings opportunity of repent. although merely Eric and Sheila acknowledge this.

They are the lone 1s to gain that they have ruined this girl’s life and it could be their behaviors that sent her to this atrocious terminal. The Inspector could besides be every bit existent as all the other characters in organic structure an


d can eat and imbibe and is solid. I think that the inspector may hold gone back in clip or there might hold been a clip faux pas of some kind to do certain that these people new what they had done. I think there is a possibility that the Inspector could be Eva Smith and merely goes back to stalk them. This possibly rather far fetched by I would non govern it out wholly. because if it were true so it would explicate everything.

The chief function of the inspector is his forcing function. which he uses to overmaster the other characters to acknowledge to their secrets. He appears to the characters to be really ill-mannered at times. but this discourtesy merely adds to the factor at which he can interrogate the characters. and besides arouse them admit to their errors. ‘I know. I had her turned out of a occupation. I started it. ’ Some characters take longer to admit their secrets than others. They try to conceal. but can non get away from the inspector. For illustration Mr. Birling. a really obstinate adult male. who. even when he confesses to his privacy. believes that it has nil to make with the decease. and believes that he has nil to make with it at all.

Other characters like Sheila and Eric admit and don’t attempt to conceal it. and know that they had added to the tragic decease of Eva Smith. They know that the inspector is right. and if they hadn’t done what they did. so Eva Smith would still be alive. Sheila in peculiar is really guilty

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and gets really emotional. The inspector has problem with acquiring them all to acknowledge themselves. ‘Inspector. I’ve told you before. I don’t like your tone’… . ’I don’t propose to give you much more rope’ nevertheless he knows they had something to make with it. and he knew precisely what that was every bit good. This may hold helped him.

The inspector makes his positions on societal duty clear. He believes that we are all responsible for one another and should move together as a community. assisting those of us who are less fortunate. Ironically. Mr Birling has the opposite position to the inspector. When the inspector arrives he is discoursing concern with Gerald and says that he thinks you are responsible for yourself and your household merely. Mr Birling is perfectly against the thought of communism. Priestley expresses his positions on communism through the inspector showing to the reader how of import it is to care for others in your community.

In decision I think that the Inspector is every bit existent as every one else in the drama but I think that he represents justness or truth and is a signifier of angel or something along those lines. The drama can merely be understood after it is closely reviewed. I am certain that there will ever be a sense of enigma about this drama ; who was the inspector? What was the Inspector? Will we of all time cognize? His function in the drama is coercing to detect the characters’ awful secrets and go forth them with a permanent feeling every bit good as a batch to believe about. Priestley has really strong positions on societal duty which are expressed through the inspector.