An Inspector Calls Character Analysis Essay Example
An Inspector Calls Character Analysis Essay Example

An Inspector Calls Character Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: August 1, 2017
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Upon reading "An Inspector Calls," it becomes clear that the Inspector is not as he initially appears. Although he is introduced without much indication of his true character, it gradually becomes apparent that he may be an imposter. Moreover, the Inspector has a significant impact on several characters and serves as a means through which Priestley conveys his opinion on societal responsibility. He is a representation of social conscience and carries moral weight. The Inspector's name, Goole, is also significant since it sounds like "ghoul" and gives further context to the story's events. This idea is briefly considered by Sheila but dismissed too quickly. However, it's possible that the Inspector represents truth and justice rather than being a literal person. This could be Priestley's own belief. In such a case, Eric and S


heila are the only ones who understand the Inspector's role in urging the Birling family to repent and make amends for their mistakes, which led to the girl's tragic end. Whether he is real or not, the Inspector has a solid presence and can eat and drink just like everyone else.It is possible that the Inspector went back in time or there was a time mistake to ensure that the characters understood the consequences of their actions. Another possibility is that the Inspector is actually Eva Smith who returned to haunt them. This may be unlikely, but it cannot be completely ruled out because it would explain everything. The Inspector's main role is to act as a catalyst, using his confrontational tactics to compel the other characters to confess their secrets. Despite his perceived rudeness, it only serves to prompt and provoke them

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into admitting their errors. While some characters like Mr. Birling take longer to confess and try to hide, they cannot escape the Inspector's scrutiny. Other characters like Sheila and Eric confess and do not attempt to hide their guilt and accept responsibility for Eva Smith's tragic death. Sheila, in particular, is very remorseful and emotional.The inspector is struggling to get everyone to take responsibility, despite his previous warning about his tone. He does not plan to give them more time. He believes they all had a part to play and knows exactly what it is. This may have aided him in making his views on social responsibility clear. The inspector thinks that as a community, we should all act responsible towards each other and help those in need. It's ironic that Mr Birling has a different view and doesn't believe in communism. Priestley uses the inspector to show how important it is to care for others in your community and express his own communist beliefs. In my opinion, the Inspector represents fairness or truth and is a type of angel. The play requires close analysis, and it will always have an element of mystery - who or what was the Inspector, and will we ever know?The inspector's role in the play is to force the characters to reveal their dark secrets and leave them with a lasting impression and much to ponder. Priestley's stance on social responsibility is heavily portrayed through the character of the inspector.

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