American history chapter 23 section 1

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when AMericans wanted the united statesto keep out of foregin affairs.
extending nations borders
what was the main Commodore mathew perry was sent to Japan?
Americans wanted to be able to trade with Japan and resure sailors who had shipwrecked
what were the terms of the treaty of Kanagawa in 1854?
jappan had to open to ports to trade with the americans and the Japanise hadd to release and shipwrecked sailors
what did Perry’s vist achieve?
it made Japan aware of the western industry nations
what was Sec. of State William Seward’s goal for the U.S.?
he wanted the United Statesto dominate trade in the Pacifice?
from whom and for what amount did the United States purchase?how much was this per acre?
it was bought from russia for 7.2 millioon and 2 cents per acre.
what did the Americans think of Seward’s purchase/
they though it was a foolish purchase?
when was the age of imperialism?
it was when nations took control of Africa and sounthern Asia?
the policy of powerful countries seeking to control econmic or polital affairs of a weaker country
Give 3 major reasons why imperialism grew?
industrail nations in Europe needed raw materials,racism, and competion
what did Rudyard kipling refer to as \”the white man’s burden\”?
people who felt they had the duty to spread their culture and religon to people less civilzed.
why did many Americans believe our nations needed to expand?
because people thought that the econmy would collaspe.
what did Josiah Strong argue?
that americans were bringing democry and christanty down to Mexico,central and south America.
what were the views put forth by navel caption Alfred Maham in his book?
some views were that Americans relied on foregin trade and a bigger navy was needed to protect american merchant ships.
where did he feel we needed to expand?
expand to the Caribbean and the pacific as links to Asia and Latin America
what was the Great White Fleet?
a fleet of steam powered ships painted white
what were the major contries that sought to control the islands of Samoa?
germany,great Britian,and the United States
where is Somoa located?
east of astria and south of Hawaii
how did americans gain control of Hawaii?
the american planters rebelled against the Queen of Hawaii
who was the last queen of Hawaii?
queen Lilivokalani
what is a sphere of influence?
a seaport where a nation had special trading policy
what was the open door policy?
permit nations to trade with china.
who was the Sec.of State who proposed this polocy?
john Hay
who were the Boxers?
an international army that fought there way to Bejing.
how did some naetions view the Boxer rebellion?
some nation’s liked it while other nations hated it.

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