All Quiet on the Western Front (Chapter Summary)


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Chapter 1
2nd Company suffers many losses and they get bigger rations
Chapter 2
Kemmerich dies and Muller gets his boots
Chapter 3
The men remember a time when they pranked Corporal Himmelstoss
Chapter 4
A bombardment comes and the men take cover, but many horses die
Chapter 5
The men talk about post-war plans. Paul catches a goose
Chapter 6
The men are stuck in a trench and cannot get food. Some go crazy.
Chapter 7
Kropp, Muller, and Paul go to see French women. Paul goes home, and then to a training camp.
Chapter 8
Paul’s father and sister visit him. Paul gives the Russians some potato cakes.
Chapter 9
The Kaiser visits the soldiers. Paul kills Gerard Duval.
Chapter 10
Kropp gets hit 4 in. above the knee and him and Paul get on a train and get off at a Catholic Hospital
Chapter 11
Paul returns to the front with Kat. Kat dies by catching a splinter to the head
Chapter 12
Paul dies and the war ends.
On the Front Lines in France

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