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For a star of Sun-like mass, what is the last stage of the nuclear fusion?
helium to carbon and oxygen

The sun will eventually become a supernova.

A nova destroys the star and leaves behind a white dwarf.

____ is a form of electromagnetic radiation produced by rapidly moving electrons spiraling through magnetic fields.
Synchrotron radiation

In degenerate matter
pressure does not depend on temperature

Even in degenerate matter, pressure depends on temperature.

After what evolutionary stage does a star become a white dwarf?

A mass is transferred in a normal star in a binary system toward a white dwarf, the material forms a rapidly growing whirlpool of material known as aNo
accretion disk

A white dwarf is composed of
carbon and oxygen nuclei and degenerate electrons

No known white dwarf has a mass greater than the Chandrasekhar limit.

A star begins fusing hydrogen to helium the moment it leaves the main sequence.

The Chandrasekhar limit tells us that
white dwarfs more massive than 1.4 solar masses are not stable

Giant and supergiant stars are rare because
the giant or supergiant stage is very short

The average size of a white dwarf is about the same size as the Earth.

What are the two longest stages in the life of a one solar mass star?
main sequence, white dwarf

A Type II supernova produces a planetary nebula.

Stars in a star cluster
a. all have the same age.
b. all have the same chemical composition.

The explosion of a supernova typically leaves behind
a shell of hot, expanding gas with a pulsar at the center

Because more massive stars have more gravitational energy, they can fuse heavier nuclear fuels.

Stars that have ejected a planetary nebula eventually become
white dwarfs

Once a star ejects a planetary nebula, it becomes a white dwarf.

Synchrotron radiation is produced by
high-velocity electrons moving through a magnetic field.

Type II supernovae are believed to occur when the cores of massive stars collapse.

A Type I supernova is believed to occur when
a white dwarf exceeds the Chandrasekhar limit

A planetary nebula is
the expelled outer envelope of a medium mass star

Where are elements heavier than iron primarily produced?

A nova is almost always associated with
a white dwarf in a close binary system

The Crab nebula is
supernova remnant.

Helium fusion does not begin until the star has entered the giant region of the H-R diagram.

As a main sequence star exhausts hydrogen in its core, it next becomes
a red giant star.

Star clusters are important to our study of stars because
they give us a method to test the our theories and models of stellar evolution

Giant and supergiant stars are rare because that stage of stellar evolution is short.

Massive stars cannot generate energy through iron fusion because
both fusion or fission of iron nuclei absorb energy

The theory that the collapse of a massive stars iron core produces neutrinos was supported by
the detection of neutrinos from the supernova of 1987

Planetary nebulae are sites of planet formation.

Stars swell into giants when hydrogen is exhausted in their centers.

Which of the following nuclear fuels does a one-solar mass star use over the course of its entire evolution?
hydrogen and helium

Stars within a cluster that are at the turnoff point
have life expectancies that are equal to the age of the cluster

As a white dwarf cools its radius will not change because
pressure does not depend on temperature for a white dwarf because the electrons are degenerate

If the theory that novae occur in close binary systems is correct, then novae should
repeat after some interval

Stars less massive than 0.4 solar mass never become giant stars.

Synchrotron radiation is produced
in supernova remnants.

The Algol paradox is explained by considering
mass transfer between the two stars in a binary system

A Type Ia supernova is believed to occur when
a white dwarf in a binary system exceeds the Chandrasekhar limit.

Helium flash occurs
because degenerate electrons in the core do not allow the core to expand as it heats up

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