AESHM 340: Exam 2

Rapid-skimming strategy means high price and low promotion (ex: space tourism).
Single-target market strategy is popular with large and high market share organizations.
Full-coverage marketing strategy means that marketers provide the same services for every target market and use the same marketing mix to promote them.
One advantage of mail surveys is that respondents can choose the most convenient time to answer questions.
Full-coverage marketing strategy is also called undifferentiated marketing strategy.
Slow-penetration strategy is often used by some low-cost companies.
Lifestyle is described with AIO (activities, interests, and opinions)
Internal secondary data sources include registration and reservation records, sales-mix and customer-mix information, databases, enquiry records, and turn-away statistics.
Psychographic segmentation is often used on its own.
Undifferentiated marketing strategy is usually applied by industry sector leaders, those nationally based chains with many branch locations.
Psychographic segmentation is popular because the statistics are readily available, uniformly defined and accepted, and easy to use.
GIS software makes it convenient to organize and graphically illustrate customer data by geographic area.
________ means dividing markets based on population statistics
Demographic & socio-economic segmentation
__________ divides customers by their use occasions, benefits, user status, usage rate, loyalty status, buyer-readiness stage, and attitudes toward the product of service.
Behavioral segmentation
_______ means dividing the market into group of customers who share the same geographic location.
Geographic segmentation
_______ is the development of psychological profiles of customers and psychologically-based measures of distinctive modes of living or lifestyle.
Psychographic segmentation
______ is the development of a service and marketing mix to occupy a specific place in the minds of customers within target markets.
_______ is the selection of a course of action from among several alternatives that involve specific customer groups, communication methods, distribution channels, and pricing structures,
Marketing Strategy
_______ is measurable result that an organization attempts to achieve for a target market within a specific time period, typically one or two years.
Marketing Objective
_______ has objectives and procedures similar to the focus group, but involves only one interviewee (subject) and one interviewer
Individual depth interview
_______ a method in which the researcher directs questions to a small group of people, usually between 8 and 12 people
Focus Group
________ means watching and noting how customers behave
Human Observation
_______ aims to get information from one or more situations that are similar to the organization’s problem situation
Case Study
_________ is the period when sales fall off a nd profits drop
Which of the following is not one of the criteria for effective segmentation?
Which of the following items is not a key requirement for good research information?
Which of the following is a marketing strategy by target market focus?
All of the above (concentrated marketing strategy, full-coverage marketing strategy, undifferentiated marketing strategy)
Which of the following items does not belong to the internal data sources?
research companies and consultants
The Cornell Center for Hospitality Research divided past guests into 4 groups: satisfied switchers, dissatisfied switchers, satisfied stayers, and dissatisfied stayers. Which of the following segmentation approach did the cornell center use?
Brand loyalty segmentation
Which of the following is not a maturity stage strategy?
Brand modification strategy
Which of the following items is are benefit(s) of market segmentation?
All of the above (more effective use of marketing dollars, clearer understanding of the needs/wants of selected customer groups, more effective positioning, & greater precision in selecting promotional vehicles and techniques)
McDonald’s split the market into non-users and former, regular, and potential users. Which of the following segmentation approaches did McDonald’s use?
Usage status and potential segmentation
Which of the following guest speakers visited this semester in your class?
Karen S Rodekamp
Product life cycle includes the following stage(s):
All of the above (introduction, growth, maturity, & decline)
Which of the following is one of the topics that the guest speaker presented?
ISU dining initiatives
Which of the following is a segmentation characteristic?
All of the above (geographic, demographic, socio-economic, behavioral)
American Airlines has a special reward program for frequent flyers and guests. Which of the following segmentation approaches did American Airlines use?
Use-frequency segmentation
Which of the following statements is not one of the requirements of marketing objectives?
______ begins when the company finds and develops a new-product idea. During product development, sales are zero and the company’s investment costs mount?
Product development
______ is a period of slow growth as the product is introduced into the market. Profits are non-existent in this stage because of the heavy expenses of product introduction
Which of the following items does not belong to the five Ds of positioning?
Which of the following items does not approach to secure quantitative data?
Focus group
There are 5 reasons for doing marketing research- the 5 C’s. Which of the following does not belong to the 5 C’s?
______ is a period of market acceptance and increasing profits.

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