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In this essay, I will write about “A Midsummer nights dream”. A Midsummer Nights Dream is a play that was written by the most distinguished dramaturge William Shakespeare. This is a tragic comedy play that is full of passion, love, tragedy and confusion.

Especially in Act 3 Scenes 2. Therefore I will discuss Act 3 Scene 2 and show how Shakespeare entertained his audience (Including Queen Elizabeth). The reason why Act 3 Scene 2 is the most momentous in this play is because this is the part is full of magic and confusion. And it’s where the main storyline takes place.In this play the audience can see so many things that they can’t be seen in their boring, monotonous lives, like women fighting, fairies, magic and those intricate relationships.

And this is also the main reason that this play was so popular in those times, because many people thought that fairies lived in a kingdom of their own and it was fatal to see a fairy, so they felt curious about the play. There were many difficulties to performing this play in that time. There weren’t any sound effects, any sophisticated scenery, and no female actresses to perform.Moreover, they had to perform at 2:00 pm in a globe that was without a roof during a hot summer day in Athens. However, Shakespeare used lots of significant language to stimulate the audience’s imagination.

For A Midsummer Nights Dream, Shakespeare used a lot of descriptive words to show the timing of this play is at night. For example, this can be shown in line 355-357 when Oberon said to Puck ” Hie, therefore, Robin, overcast the night; The starry welkin cover thou anon with drooping fog as black as Acheron” Shakespeare used a simile “as black as Acheron” in the speech to tell his audience think how dark the night is.Acheron is a black river in the hell. When the audience think this word is link to hell, they can imagine darkness, murky, foggy. And this is a very good descriptive word to utilize in the speech. Secondly, this is also can be shown in line 431 when Helena was very fed up of Lasander and Demetius.

” O weary night, O long and tedious night” This is only first sentence of Helena’s speech; it has included ‘night’ 2 times already. I think Shakespeare was trying to remind the audience it is still at nighttime when Helena is performing.As well as this, Shakespeare also tries to tell the audience this part is set in the forest by putting descriptive writing in the speech. This can be shown in line 400 when Puck looking foe the couples. “Up and down, up and down, I will lead them up and down; I am feared in field and town; Goblin, lead them up and down.

Hear comes one” In this speech, it used ‘up and down’ to describe the ground is not even and this tells to the audience this scene is set in a forest. Furthermore, Shakespeare used many dramatic techniques to make it more entertaining and interesting to the audience.He used dramatis irony, magical spell, and alliteration in the speech. Even when the fairies were face to face with humans, the humans pretended not to see the fairies. For instance, there is dramatic irony shown in line 50 when Hermia is saying how much Lasander loves her. “The sun was not so true, unto the day as he to me”.

This has used a simile to create irony which will makes this more thrilling to the audience. As well as this, Shakespeare used many enchanting words to make this scene more magical, fascinating and imaginary.This can be seen in line 100 when Puck has to go to put everything back right. “I go, I go, look how I go, swifter than a arrow from the tartars bow”. This speech is rhyme with the same word ‘go’ three times. It is like a magical spell which will cause the audience very interesting because they have never heard the way that fairies speak before.

Thirdly, Shakespeare put many words that full of powerful, strapping meaning in each character’s speech to show clearly the characteristic to the audience.In the play, Puck is very respect, honour his lord Oberon. In the other side, I think Oberon isn’t very trust Puck as a friend. And I think their relationship is only master and servant.

To proof this, I found a quote in line 345-347, when Puck muck up the couples and Oberon was having a go to Puck. “This is thy negligence; still thou mistakist, Or else commit’st thy knaveries wilfully. ” “Believe me, King of shadow, I mistook. ” It use ‘wilfully’ in Oberon’s speech, which tell us Oberon is not believe, and not trust Puck, he think Puck did it on purpose.In Puck’s speech, Shakespeare use “king of shadow ” to show how frighten, scare and respect Puck is. And it tells the audience their relationship between Puck and Oberon is only master and servant.

When audience heard the word ‘king’, they will think of powerful, control, dominant immediately. And when they heard of ‘shadow’, they will think is small, darkness. Puck saying ‘king of shadow’ which tells the audience the shadow was him and the king is Oberon. And he want to say Oberon is his lord and he only do what his lord said, he won’t do anything without his lord Oberon approval.

Addition to this, Puck is also shown a naughty, cheeky character in this play. This can be proof in line 352-353. “And so far am I glad it so did sort, As this their jangling I esreem a sport” In this speech, it tell us that Puck like to make fun out of humans and he think is a good entertainment for himself and Oberon. Therefore, it gives a naughty, funny and cheeky character to the audience.

I think Shakespeare want to set Puck as a zany character that will do something wrong, funny to entertain the audience.Moreover, Shakespeare uses many hyperboles in Demetius’s speech to entertain for the audience. This can be seen in line 138-139 when Demetrius wake up after Puck put love juice in his eye. ” O Helena, goodness, nymph, perfect, devine, To what, my love, shall I compare thine eyne? ” When Demetrius say this to Helena, the audience will know is the affect of the love juice immediately. So, the audience will find it really funny and fascinating because the actors don’t know whats happening.

This speech used lots of descriptive words to make it more exaggerative which will be more humorous, laughable. Shakespeare uses many methods to entertain his audience. And one of the methods was alliteration, this can be shown in line 269-270 when Lysander saying how much he hat Hermia. “What should I hurt, strike her, kill her dead? Although I hate her, I’ll not harm her so. ” Shakespeare used alliteration to express the feelings inside Lasander on how much he hates Hermia.

This is a very good way to show the character feelings to the audience.In my opinion, although I think the modern theatre is more interesting than the play in 1599. I think Shakespeare use many clever ways to make his play interesting to the audience because there aren’t any equipment, technology to help. He can use his fascinating descriptive writing to make the audience imagine, visualize. Even the Queen loves it as well. The reason I think modern theatre is better is because they have sound effects, female actors.

Therefore, it will be very clear on whats happening to the audience and they wont have to imagine.

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