6th Grade Social Studies Chapter 12 Studyguide

Why are there a variety of cultures in Asia?
There are many different landforms and climates.

How was the Mogul Empire created?
In 1526, a central Asian leader named Babur captured parts of northern India.

What was Akbar’s tax policy?
Akbar’s land tax was equal to one-third of the value of the crops produced on the land each year.

Why was Akbar’s tax policy unusual?
The tax was applied to every member of the empire, including nobles and peasants.

How did Akbar unify the Mogul empire?
Akbar reformed and strengthened the central government and organized the Empire into provinces, districts, and villages, each with its own administration.

What was Empress Wu’s change to civil service examinations?
Empress Wu Hou strengthened civil service examination by including writing poetry as a requirement for high-ranking government jobs.

What are some contributions made during the Song Dynasty?
– United warring groups
– Established a strong central rule
– Iron plow improved agricultural production
– Iron used as body armor and construction material for bridges
– First military use of gunpowder
– First known use of fractions
– Printers use movable type
– First chain-driven mechanism for celestial clock (tells time of day, day of month, and moon movements)

What are some contributions made during the Mogul Dynasty?
– China leads world in sailing expertise.
– Great age of Chinese playwriting
– Expert horsemanship skills

What was the Forbidden City?
The palace of the Chinese emperor in Beijing.

How/Why did the Ming emperor encourage Zheng He’s expeditions?
He spent a lot of money filling expedition ships with riches such as gold, silver, and silk. He asked that Zheng He give them as gifts to the people he encountered on his voyages. The emperor hoped that China would be seen by others as a great and wealthy power. He also hoped that expensive gifts would encourage other countries to send envoys to China.

Why did Khmer rulers have absolute power?
They used this power to form large armies that could defend the kingdom, as well as to invade its neighbors. The kings could also force both the Khmer and slaves to work on the extensive irrigation system.

What were the influences to the Khmer economy?
– Irrigation system
– Agricultural surpluses

What was the location of the first Royal City?

What were the purposes for the Angkor Wat?
– To honor the Hindu god Vishnu
– Later became the tomb of the Khmer king who had ordered its construction
– Today, it’s there to remind people of the Khmer culture and its achievements.

What was the Tokugawa shogun dynasty’s capital?

What are the differences between samurai and shoguns?
Samurai defended their land and kept order in society, while shoguns were ruling leaders who controlled many other samurai, governed large areas of farmland, and were a special, high-ranking military office.

What was Japan’s policy of isolation?
– Cut off Japan from the goods and culture of most countries
– The only countries Japan still traded with were the Netherlands, China, and Korea.

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