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Zenova is a company where unfastened based on Hanover. Germany and run by multination group. chief merchandises of Zenova Company are wellness and beauty merchandises which are concentrating on female client. They have set up a undertaking squad with 16 individual who are member draws from subordinates in Europe. America. Asia and the Middle East. As a consequence. Ryan Douglas was chosen to sit the undertaking and pull off all of plants that are conclude in undertaking. However. the consequence of work is realized that the productiveness of undertaking is truly low by being severely managed. It leads to new director should replace Ryan Douglas’s place but the job is now they have 4 options for that place: Elliot new concern director. Janet computing machine services. Anna conveyance director and Koichi gross revenues manager.

Before analyses those directors. we will look at the current director Ryan Douglas foremost. Ryan Douglas is a good individual at work with many characters such as decisive and understand employees by given another opportunities for their failed to make it once more. However. all of that things is still non good plenty to go a best director for this undertaking. Ryan Douglas has decisive character so he made the determination is truly fast and it’s truly good because we have a batch of things to make so without speedy determination the velocity may travel down. However. he non ever look into the point of thoughts carefully and analyse jobs for employees so when we applied new thoughts into undertaking. it didn’t work because of many mistakes and incorrect stairss to complete this thought. As a consequence. when we asked him about this failure in this undertaking and he gave us another chances to make it once more but he didn’t demo us the point which we did it wrong. Besides that. clip direction and understanding the employees are besides the failing of Ryan Douglas.

Members in group is managed by Ryan Douglas are from different civilizations and besides different age. Although Ryan Douglas knew about that. he still used the same attack and manner with everyone. Furthermore. he is non a sort of friendly individual when his employees like warm and friendly people but it may understand for him because the sum of work may take him to force per unit area. One more things. a motive or challenge at work is a necessary thing at work to do it more effectual and higher productiveness while he didn’t do that and besides tried to make many things himself so employees may recognize that he didn’t swear his employees. To reason. it shows that he had no team-building accomplishments or apprehension of different persons.

Following. 4 director will be analyze the failings and strengths to make up one’s mind who will replace the place of current director Ryan Douglas. First. Elliot a new concern manage. His occupation is giving instructions and see they are carried out. In add-on. his is non interested in alibis if the work isn’t done. He is decisive individual besides like Ryan Douglas but sometime he neglect. It’s non hard to accept a truth that everyone makes error. He hold a good point that to give staff clear ends and look into frequently to do certain they are run intoing deadlines which couldn’t do by Ryan Douglas and besides listen to his staff when they are reasoning so state them what to make ; so he may a good hearer for employees who like to conflict or discourse at workplace which will assist more effectual and higher productiveness at work.

However. his staff are transnational and he is seeking to accommodate his direction manner. It’s a good thing but in the present. the undertaking is decelerating down so he has to pass more clip to accommodate his direction manner while he has to straight go on work with this undertaking and do it travel to the right manner. About his personality. he is tough. just and loyal to staff which is truly nice to be a direction but still a spot impatient at times while direction require patient to understand the employees and work with a batch serious job so he may be depressed after difficult working. He may a sort of autocratic or bossy direction manner. this can be a extremely effectual direction manner and is good suited to specific state of affairss that require perfectly lucidity on aims and methods. where clip is scarce or team members unable or unwilling to take part in determinations.

Second. Janet a director computing machine services. Her profile do a strong feeling on me. She said that she is a people individual and her occupation is seeking and doing certain everyone’s happy in the section and she besides enjoy meetings which is truly good to listen and discourse with staff. In add-on. she is really different from other director because she talks about ends with her staff and make up one’s mind them together while another director attempt to make up one’s mind everything but still listen their staff. However. after the treatment or meeting. you can non alter her head because she has done it in the meeting together with her staff ; really decisive individual.

The most particular thing is that she spend tonss of clip screening out staff job because she think it’s a precedence. This group is a multination group who are different ages and from different civilizations so her direction manner may available to pull off them. understanding about them and this group like warm and friendly people which Janet’s personality has. Furthermore. she already good as well-organized so to work with a multination group is non a job for her. Her profile is truly good but the failing of her is attempt to do certain everyone’s happy in the section because for some grounds she has to make up one’s mind whose thoughts she will take or reject for undertaking to do higher productiveness ; if she can non make that. the relationship between the staff and direction may alter or vanish when everyone can speak to her and seek to make up one’s mind the job.

Third. Anna a conveyance director who is an ambitious. hardworking and responsible. really powerful individual. She is transport director so her strengths perfectly are forming. acquiring occupation done and actuating. Company ne’er concern about what you will make. work effectual or non ; the lone thing they need is acquiring occupation done and Anna has knew about that. she is matter-of-fact. She ever set ends so allow the staff work with it. This is a job because the current director Ryan Douglas applied it in his direction manner. he gave clear instructions. but really brief and his staff all felt they needed more information so Anna may do them confound once more about instructions job.

On the other manus. she likes to offer her staff inducements such as fillips. awards. free vacations which is truly antic for her staff but where she will acquire those inducements ; from company capital. Company likely reject her thoughts. However. if she make this undertaking more effectives or convey more benefits for gross of company. they will believe once more. In add-on. it may alter the staff when they work to complete undertaking but now they will work for their awards so they have to competitory with each other. However. it is for the intent of conveying out the best in staff. Anna may a sort of bossy direction manner because she dictates orders to their staff and makes determinations without any audience. The leader likes to command the state of affairs they are in. Decision are speedy because staff are non consulted and work is normally completed on clip.

Finally. Koichi. gross revenues manager in Europe. He wholly different direction manner from each other. He merely have one intent is meet the marks set by my superior and he besides said that he is a democratic individual and hardworking. He like discoursing our ends with staff and the most of import is he ne’er take determinations without confer withing staff. However. he will non let for his staff to reason at work because it is really bad for squad morale. He likely true because for some ground if they try to reason with each other to do them right. it doesn’t average anything and may harm for the squad work.

The state of affairs of this undertaking is truly bad so the company need person work truly difficult and Koichi who can work six twenty-four hours a hebdomad. frequently at the weekends and besides anticipate his staff will make the same. His strength is truly attractive to the company when they are confounding which one should be pick to replace Ryan Douglas. He may a sort of advisory direction manner which combine of bossy direction manner and democratic direction manner. The director will inquire positions and sentiments from their staff. leting them to experience involved but Mr. Koichi will non determinations without confer withing staff while other will finally do the concluding determination.

Four campaigners with difference direction manner. all of them have bot strengths and failings which may harm or assist this undertaking. This undertaking now need a director who can swear employees in work and besides cognize how to reach with them. In add-on. the director should work efficaciously to demo the employees his ability to follow and this is a multination group show the director should understand each member in the group so he can divide the degree of work more effectual and finish in time-limit. They need a laissez faire direction manner or advisory direction manner. From that information. I think that Eliot is non a good pick for this place because this is new sort of direction manner while he is seeking to accommodate. and his strengths is non good plenty. About Janet. she is truly sort and the staff is truly like her because she try and do certain everyone’s happy in the section and besides speak about ends with them.

However. it require more clip to complete work because the director may warm and friendly but without penalty and deadline scene for her staff is non acceptable from company. Next. Anna is truly good but in this state of affairs she can non work because she is utilizing Autocratic Management Style which is good but non available for this undertaking. Finally. Koichi is the best pick for this undertaking because he work really hard. cognize the difference between staff and director so he will work more effectual. The most of import is he utilizing advisory direction manner which is difference from the current director Ryan Douglas and available for this undertaking so the company should pick Koichi to replace the current director Ryan Douglas.

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