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The methods that could be used to find the cost of capital of Star Appliance Company would be to cipher the cost of equity of the company and so utilizing that in happening another price reduction ( hurdle ) rate. Bing that the presently used price reduction rate of 10 per centum has been used since the company’s first old ages before the depression it should be recalculated in order to acquire a more appropriate price reduction rate in the clip of the determination of for the dish washer. trash compacter. or the nutrient disposal.

After increasing the price reduction rate to a more appropriate per centum for the current clip. you would so desire to reassess the net present value of the three proposed investings in order to find which of the three should be chosen. Now that these values have been recalculated with the newer price reduction rate. it can be determined that both the dish washer and the rubbish compactor would be the best investing determinations for Star Appliance Company.

This is because at the higher price reduction rate. these both still have positive net nowadays values along with a higher internal rate of return than the new price reduction rate. These would turn out best for the company’s investings where as the nutrient disposal would be more dearly-won to the house. In the 2nd half of the Star Appliance instance ( B ) . the given schemes would be in ciphering dividend price reduction theoretical account. earnings/price theoretical account. and CAPM.

Each of these theoretical accounts come about ciphering things that are similar but different features of the company can be represented by each different computation. The current cost of capital that I calculated came to 11. 58 % . The investing chances are now different than old old ages for Star because now they are opening the opportunity for debt funding where as before they were 100 per centum equity financed.

It is because of this that they must cipher there newer cost of capital as compared to the original of 10 per centum. Besides. the investings made in the stock market are different than that of the company because the different betas used will ensue in different computations for the stock market and for the company. every bit good as the assorted sum of different internal investment chances that Star could make up one’s mind to make would besides do for different investings.

After traveling over the different fortunes the undertakings that Star should demur would be the new grain dryer merchandise. Although this undertaking has more hazard. the return on the undertaking would be much greater than that of the icebox. This is besides due to the different cost of capital from the old ages old for Star as the more current at the clip of the instance. With newer investings in long-run debt. it amounts in different costs of capitals to the old 0 debt 100 per centum equity investings.

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