Writing for Visual Media Chapter 15

Is about talking not writing. It is the verbal communicating and selling of ideas in the media industries. You have to talk your ideas in meetings. The good pitch should capture the essential idea in a nutshell.

A short sentence or even a phrase that rests on the premise of a film and captures its essential idea.

Individuals or companies that represent talent of all kinds including writers. They negotiate fees and, if good, become a clearing house for a lot of jobs and put packages together.

Clear title
As with a physical property, clear titles in intellectual property have no lien or encumberment.

Common law
A British tradition of law made by precedent and tradition

The first formal document you create in the scripting writing process. It is also some times called an outline. Key ideas and vision of the program.

A right of ownership established by registering a work with the library of congress.

First-draft screenplay
This is the initial attempt to transpose the content of the treatment into a screenplay or script format appropriate to the medium. This is the cross-over from prose writing to script writing in which all the special conventions of camera and scene description are used.

flat fee
Compensation by a fixed amount irrespective of time or effort spent.

A warranty by the seller that the provenance of any piece of property is good in title and clear of liens.

intellectual property
The legal notion that an idea or created work enjoys a status parallel to that of physical property.

pari passu
A latin legal term meaning “at an equal rate.”

percentage of the gross
Gross revenue is all the money received by the distributor of a film.

per minute of finished program
A practice of charging a sum per finished minute of program.

Work paid for by the unit or piece

this term refers to a compact statement of the essential idea of a movie or program. It embodies the essential conflict or dilemma that will drive the plot and the characters.

producer’s net
The money paid by the distributor to the producers minus a lot of distributions costs as well as a fat commission.

public domain
A legal term referring to intellectual property rights that have expired or have no known author ship such as folk tales and fairy tales.

service for hire
A term that describers the temporary nonemployee relationship between a writer or service prodvider and client, also known as work-for-hire, which specifies the transfer of copyright from the creator or service provider to the client.

Law created by a legislative body and singed into law.

After the concept comes treatment. Both these terms are universally used and understood. concept to reveal the complete structure of the program with the basic content or storyline arranged in the order that will prevail in the final script.

Work commissioned and paid for by the acquirer

Writers Guild of America
the trade union of film and television writers, which bargains with the movie and television producers.

Writer’s Guild of Great Britain
The British equivalent of the American guild

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