World History Final Exam

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believed himself a divine ruler
shah jahan
built the taj mahal
safi od-din
first safavid shah
warriors for islam
slave soliders
mehmed II
conquered constantinople
predecessors of the safavids
indian warrior princes
young leader, nicknamed the “tiger”
founded religion based on a mix of muslim and hindu beliefs
sekou toure
chose independence for guinea
racial segregation
massacred ethnic group
shaaban robert
father of modern swahili literature
gamal abdel nasser
reformist egyptian leader
suez crisis
conflict over european influence
mohammad mosaddeq
reformist iranian leader
gaza strip
disputed israeli-palestinian territory
attack or uprising
saddam hussein
iraqi dictator
the ming managed the leaders of nomadic tribes by
giving them honors and gifts
qing scholars’ study of philology is like
renaissance study of the classics
peace under the qing rule had the negative effect of
too much population growth
british and dutch merchants came to china for
allowing foreigners to live by the rules of their home country instead of the country in which they live is known as
the top group in japanese society was
the samurai
japan angered western nations by
not opening their ports during storms
the ottomans began as turkish soldiers known as
mehmed II’s greatest action was
the conquest of constantinople
the safavid empire was located in what is present day
the kizibash were named because of
the red hats they wore
the safavids were persecutred because they were
shi’ah muslims
safavid culture could be best described as
the decline of the safavid empire occurred
after the death of ‘abbas
babur won delhi from
turkish muslims
akbar’s attitude towards religion was
the sikh religion was founded by
all of the following were new war weapons except
guided missiles
the battle of marne was important because
it kept germany from entering paris
control of new russia was won by
the bolsheviks
civil war in russia was forced by
groups that wanted to restore the monarchy
the treaty of brest litovsk allowed the germans to
mobilize more troops against france
the allies generally wanted to
weaken germany permanently
yugoslavia was
a mixed nation of many balkan peoples
all of the following were effects of the treaty of versailles except
the restoration of prussia
when the league of nations created a mandate it
put colonies of defeated powers under the rule of advanced nations
fear of invasion made the soviets demand that
eastern european nations become communist
the marshall plan intended to
help europe’s economic recovery
postwar west germany became
as president of the fifth republic, charles de gaulle
freed algeria
the european economic community agreed to
eliminate tariffs between member nations
as soviet leader, khrushchev
denounced stalinist repression and restricts
lydon johnson’s great society was a plan
of social reforms
the cuban missile crisis was a
standoff between the u.s. and the soviet union
nationalism became apparent in canada when
quebec tried to separate from canada
bangladesh separated from pakistan because it
was culturally and geographically different
the communist takeover of china forced the nationalists to
flee to taiwan
the cultural revolution was a plan to
replace ancient culture with a socialist culture
the korean war ended with
the borders as before the war
at the end of the 20th centurt, relations between japan and russia remained cool because of
disputed ownership of the kuril islands
japan’s government in the 1990s can be best described as
the u.s. supported ferdinand marcos, a dictator in the philippines because
he was anticommunist
aung san suu kyi was imprisoned for her efforts to reform
economic competitionon from asia led the west to
study asian business models
civil disobedience activities, led by kwame nkrumah, forced
great britain to give ghana independence
led by robert mugabe, guerrilla warfare led to
independence from zimbabwe
african economies suffered from
reliance on one product
the u.s. and soviet union rivalry spilled into africa because
africans needed aid
the u.s. restored the iranian monarchy because
it feared soviet influence on the constitutional government
op art focuses on
visual illusions
the earliest successes in the space program were accomplished by
the soviet union
satellites are able to do all of the following except
landing on a planet and navigate it
the greenhouse effect is the
increase in earth temperature due to trapped gases
the ozone layer is important because it shields from
ultraviolet rays
one problem with human rights enforcement is
cultural differences
tf: the opium war gave british traders the right to live in china under british law
tf: the taiping rebellion was led by a buddhist cult
tf: odu nobunaga overthrew the ashkiaga shogunate
tf: during tokugawa rule, samurai gained more independence from the daimyo
tf: under murad II, the ottomans defeated the last european crusaders
tf: ottoman society was divided into 2 major groups
tf: millets had little power under the rule of a strong sultan
tf: european expansion hurt the ottoman empire
tf: esma il required all safavid citizens to convert to shi ah
tf: aurangzeb’s strict rule led to eventual uprising and chaos in the mughal empire
tf: the bolsheviks were considered the more radical branch of the socialists
tf: a key moment in the russian revolution was the army’s decision to back the czar
tf: the cold war began when allied nations built the berlin wall and blockaded east berlin
tf: a worldwide move from coal to oil as an energy resource had a negative effect on great britain
tf: in an effort to speed up modernization, india created a command economy
tf: the u.s. became involved in conflict in vietnam after the suprise bombing of a u.s. naval base
tf: many postwar asian nations adopted authoritarian governments to maintain control of clashing political groups
tf: ethnic violence in zaire also destablished neighboring rwanda
tf: the suez crisis began with egypt’s acceptance of a british offer for funds to build a dam on the nile
tf: op art focused on everyday objects
tf: the synthesizer had a big influence on modern dance
tf: space exploration began in the united states
tf: the challenger was the first space shuttle
tf: cloning is based on copying dna
tf: amnesty international is an example of a group that fights human rights abuses

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