World History Chapter 9 Study Guide

Lay Investiture
What is known as the practice of Kings and Nobles appointing church officials?

What term refers to the buying and selling of church offices?

Henry IV
Which German king fought with Pope Gregory VII over lay investiture?

Common Law
What were Henry II uniform laws for all of England called?

What English legislative body was established by Edward I?

Gregory VII, Innocent III, Urban II, Boniface VIII
List three examples of medieval popes
G______ ___
I_______ ___
U____ __
B_______ ____

Innocent III
Under what Pope did the papacy reach its zenith?

Excommunication, Interdict, Inquisition
What are the three weapons the Papacy used against offenders of the church?

Otto I
Who founded the Holy Roman Empire ?

Germany and Italy
What areas were parts of the Holy Roman Empire?

Angles, Saxons, Danes, Normans,
Identify three groups which one ruled England:

Frederick Barbarossa, Philip Augustus,
Richard the Lion-Hearted
What three Kings participated in the Kings Crusade:
F________ __________
P_____ ________
R______ ___ ____-______

King John
From who did Philip take land?

What did French kings receive from the Estates General?

Urban II
Which Pope called the first Crusade in 1095?

Godly, Adventure, fortune, fighting, greed, salvation, eternal
What motivated the Crusaders to go to Jerusalem?
– G____ desire
– A________
– Fame or F______
– F_______
– G____
– S________
– E______ Life

Which of the Crusades was the most successful?

The fourth Crusade ended with the capturing of which city?

Moral Corruption
What caused a significant decline in the prestige of the Roman church during the ninth and 10th centuries?

Churchmen, nobles, kings
Why was the College of Cardinals created?
– So that _________, not ______ or ____, could choose the pope

Interest, Popes, Nobles
what conflict arose in the holy Roman empire?
1) Conflict of ________
2) Conflict with _____
3) Conflict with ______

Alfred the Great
Who is the founder of the English Navy?

Edward I
Who is noted for their work on the English parliamentary system?

What was the purpose of the Crusades?
– To protect _________ from Muslim invasion

What event prompted an increase in trade and the use of a money economy?

Bernard of Clairvaux
What member of the Cistercians attempted to reform the church?

Frederick I
Who was known as Barbarossa and marry his son to heiress of Sicily?

Frederick II
Who grew up in Sicily and the defied Pope innocent the third?

Henry the Fowler
Who is the father of Otto I he was elected to King after the last Carolingian?

Henry II
Who expanded jurisdiction of royal courts in England and held more French land in the French king?

King John
Who was forced to sign the Magna Carta while ruling in the absence of Richard I?

Louis IX
Who’s saintly reign in France brought peace and justice; the French Justinian?

Phillip II
Who took John’s French land tripling his domain?

Phillip IV
what French ruler established the Estates-General, strengthened the central government, and tax the people in church?

Richard the Lion-Hearted
What English ruler was absent all the six months of his 10 year away?

Name the Muslim holder of Jerusalem who it was defeated in battle by Richard.

What term refers to holding beliefs contrary to the teaching of the church?

Battle of Hastings
At what battle in 1066 was William the Conqueror’s right to rule England secured?

What were Alfred the Great’s local county districts called?

From what Latin word do we get the word Crusades?

What was the Ile de france?
– The Land Around _____

Robin Hood
What story is based on the conflict between Richard the first and John of England?

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