World History Chapter 20 Study Guide

France After Napoleon’s Exile
The French monarchy was restored by King Louis XVII.

France’s Greatest Enemy
Great Britain against France in the battle of Trafalgar. Britain won against the French and Spanish.

France’s Legislative Bodies
The national assembly for the Rights of Man was formed in 1789.

Order of France’s Legislative Bodies
National Assembly, Legislative Assembly, National Constitution, and Directory.

They were radical so opposing the thinking of everyone in the faction.

Louisiana Territory
Napoleon sold this to the Americans and surrendered trying to overpower them.

Revolutionary Tribunal
The Reign of Terror caused this because they wanted to eliminate people who seemed to threaten from within.

Enlightenment Thinkers Favored For Rights
That all men where born equal.

Louis XVII
He was shy and indecisive and led the old order. Napoleon exiled him.

Declaration of the Rights of Man
Inspired by the American Constitution where all men are equal before the court of law.

First Estate
Catholics: 1%; no taxes.

Second Estate
Nobility: 2%; some taxes.

Third Estate
Peasants, Merchants, Professionals: 97%; all the taxes.

Causes of French Revolution
Nobody was happy. King Louis XVII kicked the third estate out of the committee therefore they went to a tennis court and created their own.

Execution of Louis XVII
Created the Reign of Terror where in four months over 10,000 people died by guillotine.

French Revolution Effects Everywhere
The moves and drafts could begin a counterrevolution.

Congress of Vienna
The goal was to restore and stabilize Europe.

Russian Campaign
Napoleon went with 600,000 troops and came back with 94,000. A beat down for the French.

Peasants & The French Revolution
Opposed what Napoleon was doing and created a counterrevolution and constitution.

Napoleon & Popularity
Created the Napoleonic code, Economic Reforms, Church Estates, and Legacy

Reign of Terror
Innocent people killed by guillotine.

Meeting of the Estates General
Wants to collect more taxes under the tennis court oath.

All the Major Effects of the French Revolution
Economic Disaster, Enlightenment, Inequality, and Financial Crisis.

Enlightened Despots
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