World History Chapter 17 SG

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Who were the first European sea-faring nation desiring to trade with China who arrived in 1514?
The Portuguese base of operations in China, granted when they arrived in China, was on this territory.
Which Chinese dynasty sent a fleet far into the Indian Ocean?
The peasant revolt that brought down the preoccupied Ming Dynasty, and precipitated the ascension to control of the Manchus, was led by this disgruntled postal worker.
Li Zicheng
The name of the Chinese dynasty established by the Manchus was the
Qing Dynasty
In comparing Mongol and Manchu rule in China, which is more successful?
Manchu rule
Who was arguably the greatest ruler in Chinese history?
What were the results of the controversy over the policy of Jesuit missionaries accommodating Chinese religious beliefs in order to facilitate conversion to Christianity?
The pope issued an edict ordering all missionaries and converts to conform to the official orthodoxy set forth in Europe. The pope forbade the practice of ancestor worship
Who was the primary fighting force of Qing China?
The purpose of the Qing system known as dyarchy was
All important administrative positions would me shared equally by Chinese and Manchus
What was the main result of Qianlong?
Qianlong was dissatisfied by Lord McCartney’s behavior in China. His non-interest in British manufactured products let to the beginning of a century of humiliation
Dispute between the Russian tsar and Qing was settled by
The Treaty of Nerchinsk
Who issued the \”Sacred Edict\” delineating proper Confucian behavior?
What were the effects of Qianlong’s trade policy with England?
It set the stage for a future of harmonious trade relations between the two powers
Why had China’s population soared by the end of the 1700s?
All except the central government’s termination of legal abortions + new crops had been introduced from the New World
As manufacturing and commerce began to grow in Ming and Qing China, what did the elite prefer?
In Qing China, how was love viewed?
Love was a problem because it diverted a couple from their duties to the larger family
What novel work is considered to be China’s most distinguished popular novel?
The Dream of the Red Chamber
What was the outstanding example of Chinese architecture during the Ming and early Qing eras?
Forbidden City in Beijing
What were probably the best-known artistic achievements of the Ming era?
Blue and white porcelain objects
Who was the Japanese who seized Kyoto and spent his last years trying to consolidate his rule?
Oda Nobunaga
What were the accomplishments of Toyotomi Hideyoshi?
All except gain control of Korea
The most powerful and lengthiest of all Japanese shogunates was begun by who?
Tokugawa Ieyasu
The modern-day name for the capital city of the Tokugawa shogunate is this.
Who was the first Jesuit missionary to arrive in Japan?
Francis Xavier
Why did Hideyoshi expel missionaries from his domain in 1587?
The missionaries were interfering in local Japanese political matters
In their attempt to follow tradition, the Tokugawa ruled through a coalition of daimyo and a council of elders called this…
The separate territories, or domains, of the Tokugawa shogunate were called this.
During the \”Great Peace\” of the Tokugawa shogunate, what advances occurred?
All except Japan opened its borders to the West in the 17th century + daimyo duties for the shogun created economic pressures on the nobles.
How did the Tokugawa shoguns exert control over the daimyo?
By compelling the daimyo to maintain two residences, one in their own domain and one in Edo
By the mid-eighteenth century, Edo was one of the world’s largest cities, with a population of
By the eighteenth century,______, had replaced ______ as the cloth of choice for most Japanese.
Cotton, hemp
In order to enhance its authority over the general population including the peasants, the shogunate relied upon this method.
Cheap food and entertainment
Saikaku was a major Japanese novelist who wrote about this.
Five women ready to die for sexual ecstasy
What was Basho known for?
He was intrigued by the search for the meaning of existence
Unemployed samurai warriors were known as
What were all the subjects of Japan’s \”Dutch learning?\”
All except theology
The purpose of the Treaty of Nerchinsk was this
It settled the location of the Sino-Russian bondary
As a result of the King Sonjo of Korea refusing an alliance, ______ invaded the Korean peninsula in 1592
Toyotomi Hidiyoshi
Who were the yangban in Korea?
Two groups of civilian servants and military officers (some became merchants or peasants)
A class of slaves who labored on government plantations or served in certain occupations, such as butchers and entertainers, considered to be beneath the dignity of other groups in the population
Fudai daimyo
The daimyo group that was smaller and directly subordinate to the shogunate
Japanese warriors made unemployed by developments in the early modern era, since samurai were forbidden by tradition to engage in commerce
Tozama daimyo
The larger daimyo group consisting of more independent lords that were usually distant from the center of shogunate power in Edo
Korean aristocratic class meaning \”two groups,\” the civilian and military
Originally established in 1639 by the Qing empire, the eight banners were administrative divisions into which all Manchu families were placed. Banners quickly evolved into the basis of Manchu military organization, with each required to raise and support a prescribed number of troops
During the Qing dynasty in China, a system in which all important national and provincial administrative positions were shared equally by Chinese and Manchus, which helped consolidate both the Manchus’ rule and their assimilation
Th ritual of prostration and touching the forehead to the ground

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