Windows Server (test Chapter 1,2,3) Test Questions

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The Foundation Edition of Windows Server 2012, although limited, supports Hyper-V, and can be installed within a virtual machine.
The DirectAccess service is installed when which of the following roles are added to a Windows Server 2012 R2 installation?
Remote Access
What file system below supports encryption, compression, and use of volumes?
Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Apps are all examples of what type of computing?
Public Cloud
What Windows Server 2012 R2 server role provides the Host Credential Authorization Protocol (HCAP) role service?
Network Policy and Access Services
An organization must possess which of the following items in order to legally facilitate user logins?
Client Access License
What edition of Windows Server 2012 supports 25 or fewer users, and automatically configures itself as a root domain controller?
A _____________ is composed of two parts: NIC hardware and device drivers.
Network Interface
Which of the following choices is not a service supported by Windows 8.1?​
DHCP Server
The TCP/IPv4 protocol suite is the newest set of networking protocols installed on Windows Server 2012.
How much RAM can be installed in either Datacenter or Standard editions of Windows Server 2012?
4 TB
When installing Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials Edition, the server is automatically configured as a root domain controller.
Select below the term used to describe the virtualization software component that creates and monitors the virtual hardware environment.
What role provides services for creating, issuing, and managing digital certificates that can be used to verify identities?
Active Directory Certificate Services
What use does the new file system introduced in Windows Server 2012 have?
Larger Volumes
Select the utility below that provides a single interface for installing, configuring, and removing a variety of server roles and features, as well as providing a place to view server status.
Server Manager
Software that specifies the rules and format of communication between devices on a network
Network Protocol
​A license required by law for each user who logs on to a Windows Server 2012 server
Client Access Licenses (CAL)
The virtual environment that emulates a physical computers hardware and BIOS
Virtual Machine
The virtualization software component that creates and monitors the virtual hardware environment
The part of the OS that sends requests to a server to access network resources
Network Client
​A cloud computing service provided by a company’s internal IT Department.
Private Cloud
​The operating system running in a virtual machine installed on a host computer
Guest OS
​A Windows server that’s in the management scope of a Windows domain but doesn’t have Active Directory installed
Member Server
​A Windows server that has Active Directory installed and is responsible for allowing client computers access to domain resources
Domain Controller
​OSs designed to emphasize network access performance and run background processes.
Server Operating Systems
The ability to assign system policies, deploy software, and assign permissions and rights to users of network resources in a centralized manner is a feature of what Windows Server 2012 R2 service?
Network Policies and Access Services
The first domain controller installed in an Active Directory forest is known as the _____________.​
Root Domain
Select below the Active Directory server role that provides the functions of Active Directory without the requirements of forests, domains, and domain controllers.
​The Remote Access role allows the configuration of what type of remote access?
Direct Access
​What file system below supports encryption, compression, and use of volumes?
Internet and Windows domains are resolved to IP addresses using what role service?
What makes PowerShell cmdlets in general different from regular commands?
​The Disk Management snap-in can be utilized to create redundant disk configurations, such as RAID 1 and RAID 5.
________ is a collection of technologies for abstracting the details of how applications, storage, network, and other computing resources are delivered to users
Cloud Computing
The netsh command can be used to configure a Windows firewall remotely by default, without any changes required on the remote server.
An administrator can run a PowerShell command on a remote server using what additional element?
​Server roles can be installed and uninstalled on an offline VHD file.
If an administrator wants to modify the properties of an existing NIC team, what PowerShell cmdlet should be used?
A server can be added to Server Manager by which of the following methods?
Importing a Text File
Which of the following choices is not one of the three teaming modes?
Address hashing
The Windows Server 2012/R2 remote management features are enabled via what Windows component?
Windows Remote Management (WinRM)
​The user account utilized by a service to log into a system can be set within the service’s properties.
​What service option can be used to force a service to start automatically after all other automatic services have started?
What new feature within PowerShell 4.0 allows for the use of declarative statements to manage and maintain servers?
Desired State Configuration
What command can be used to add a remote server to the TrustedHosts list?
Set-Item wsman: localhostClientTrustedHosts RemoteServerName -Concatenate -Force
​The ____________ MMC snap-in can be utilized to configure firewall rules.
Windows Firewall and Advanced Security
Which option below is the default load-balancing mode within Windows Server 2012?
Address hash
What type of Windows Server 2012/R2 installation takes up the least amount of space?
Server Core
A Desired State Configuration script can be created by the Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE).

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