What Weber called the routinization of charisma involves charismatic authority

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disappearing entirely.B. becoming more based on a leader`s personalityC. becoming sheer force.

D. transforming into some combination of traditional authority and rational-legal authorityThe Routinization of CharismaIn pure form, charismatic authority exists only in the process of originating. It becomes either rationalize or traditionalized, or a combo of both for the following reasons:1) ideal and material interests of the followers in the continual reactivation of the community2) interests of the administrative staff, disciples or followers of the char’ic leader in continuing their positions, so that their own status is stable on a day to day basis.As soon as the position of authority is well established, and above all as soon as control over large masses of people exists, it gives way to the forces of everyday routine.

There is an objective necessity of patterns of order and organization of the administrative staff in order to meet the normal, everyday needs and conditions of carrying on administration. In addition, there is a striving for security, requiring legitimation of positions of authority and social prestige and economic advantages held by the followers.The process of routinization is thus not confined to the problem of succession, and does not stop when it is solved. The most fundamental problem is the transition from the charismatic administrative staff and its mode of administration to one that can handle everyday conditions.;

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