What is the supreme law of the land?

What is the Supreme Law of the LandThe Constitution
What does the Constitution dosets up the government
The idea of self-government is in the first three words of the Constitution. What are these wordsWe the people

What is an a amendmenta change to the constitution
what do we call the first ten amendments to the constitutionthe bill of rights
what is one right or freedom from the first amendmentspeech
how many amendments does the constitution havetwenty seven
what did the declaration of independence dodeclared out independence from great Britain
what are two rights in the declaration of independencelife and liberty
what is freedom of religionyou can practice any religion, or not practice a religion
what is the economic system in the united statesmarket economy
what is the rule of lawno one is above the law
name one branch or part of the governmentpresident
what stops one branch of government from becoming too powerfulchecks and balances
who is in charge of the executive branchthe president
who makes the federal

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what are the two parts of the u.s congressthe senate and house
how many u.s senators are thereone hundred
we elect a u.s senator for how many yearssix
who is one of your states u.s senators nowCharles Schumer
the house of representatives has how many voting membersfour hundred thirty five
we elect a u.s representative for how many yearstwo
name your u.s representativeNydia velasquez
who does a u.s senator representall people of the state
why do some states have more representatives than other statesbecause of the states population
we elect a president for how many yearsfour
in what month do we vote for presidentnovember
what is the name of the president of the united states nowobama
what is the same of the vice president of the united states nowjoe biden
if the president can no longer serve, who becomes presidentthe vice president
if both the president and the vice president can no longer serve, who becomes presidentthe speaker of the house
who is the commander in chief of the militarythe president
who signs bill to become lawsthe president
who vetoes billsthe president
what does the presidents cabinet doadvises the president
what are two cabinet level positionssecretary of state, secretary of education
what does the judicial branch doexplains laws
what is the highest court in the united statesthe supreme court
how many justices are on the supreme courtnine
who is the chief justice of the united states nowJohn Roberts
under our constitution, some powers belong to the federal government. what is one power of the federal governmentto declare war
under our constitution, some powers belong to the states. What is one power of the statesprovide schooling and education
who is the governor of your states nowAndrew cuomo
what is the capital of your statealbany
what are the two major political parties in the united statesdemocratic and republican
what is the political party of the present nowdemocratic
what is the name of the speaker of the house of representatives nownancy pelosi
there are four amendments to the constitution about who can vote. describe one of themcitizens eighteen and older
what is one responsibility that is only for united states citizenserve on a jury
name one right only for united states citizensvote in a federal election
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