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Memory refers to a mental procedure that is used to derive. gather. and retrieve information. The information that is stored in our memory with the aid of our senses will be processed by legion systems all through our encephalon. and it will be accumulated for subsequently usage ( Mason. 2003-2006 ) . Gordon and Berger ( 2003 ) said that there are two basic sorts of memory: ordinary and intelligent memory. Ordinary memory is retrieving specific names of people. clip. topographic point. locations of certain things. and things to be done. It is relatively delicate for it shops information for a few proceedingss. and that information will shortly be forgotten. Therefore. it is what fails when we can’t retrieve something. We are able to acknowledge it when it works and when it doesn’t because it is a witting procedure. On the contrary. intelligent memory is retrieving how to make things. It serves as an assistance for us to do mundane determinations. and it is the memory that makes us believe critically. It enables us to work out jobs. to bask a good gag. and to hike our creativeness. Unlike ordinary memory. intelligent memory is an unconscious procedure that is why most of us find it difficult to utilize and develop it. ( Gordon & A ; Berger. 2003 ; Radford. 2003 )

Why do we bury things?

Forgeting of import and utile materials is so dissatisfactory. Although our encephalon can hive away huge figure of memories. we still tend to bury things and happen them hard to recover. For case. sometimes we can’t retrieve the names of people we merely met. Possibly. this is because we are non paying attending. A deficiency of focal point on something of import is likely the ground why we fail to hive away information into our encephalon. If we truly concentrate on something. forgetting will non go on. ( Turkington. 2003 ) Furthermore. we fail to retrieve information because of memory intercessions. Sometimes. the acquired information doesn’t merely vanish ; it can go deteriorated.

The memories that are similar can interfere with each other. For illustration. the memories of two events that happened in the same topographic point become combined together ; as a consequence. our encephalon become bewildered. and we tend to hold memory oversights. Additionally. as we get older. losing encephalon cells and connexions will go on. The specific cells. where legion memories are stored. will finally decease as portion of aging ; and therefore. the stored memories will be lost and forgotten. ( Eastaway. 2004 ) Can we do our memory stronger?

Having bad or weak memory accomplishments is possibly one of the major jobs that we encounter in our day-to-day lives. In fact. it is perfectly thwarting to hold memory oversights and non holding to remember certain things. However. there are memory AIDSs and techniques that can beef up our memory accomplishment. and they can assist us to hold a better and healthy memory.

Despite the fact that memory oversights is ineluctable. memory interventions and methods can somehow sharpen our memory accomplishments. Some of us might believe that these memory-boosting techniques are non accurate and are non effectual. but it is. They find it that manner possibly because they are truly non into deep-learning. and they do non concentrate on what they’re seeking to larn. As a affair of fact. memory is a erudite accomplishment. and it can be improved whenever we want to. Since practising. exercising attempts. and being patient are portion of larning. it is significant for us to make these techniques for a improvement of our memory. ( Turnkington. 2003 ; Eastaway. 2004 ) To beef up and sharpen our memory accomplishments. we must pay attending. associate. visualize. and be physically and mentally fit. If we learn all of these techniques. we will surely do our encephalon healthy and construct a stronger memory. ( Turnkington. 2003 ; Eastaway. 2004 )


Pay Attention

Turkington ( 2003 ) stated that paying attending is really one of the most of import things in our lives. and it is a great aid in bettering our memory accomplishments. Each and every one of us has the ability to pay attending to one thing ; it’s merely that. some of us fail to remain off from distractions. As portion of this scheme. we have to find foremost what our precedences are. It is indispensable to separate which things are deserving giving attending to and which can be acquire rid of. Distractions are everyplace. and they prevent us from making the things that need to be done. So we must avoid distractions and disregard all unimportant things in order to finish a certain undertaking and to avoid forgetting. With this in head. we shouldn’t be disturbed by irrelevant things around us because with fewer distractions. it is easier for our head to concentrate and work quicker. In heightening our ability to pay attending. we truly necessitate to concentrate consciously.

If we can’t focus. we will non retrieve what we are seeking to larn. Furthermore. we tend to stall which is non good. For this ground. we need to make the of import things now while we still have plentifulness of clip. It’s simple. if we can avoid stalling. we won’t bury anything. In add-on to that. we can merely concentrate on one thing at any clip. Even though we can multi-task. it is still impossible for us to manage different undertakings at the same clip particularly when they both require mental procedure. Absolutely. we can’t give our full attending to those ; as a consequence. we absorb nil. Another manner that hinders our ability to pay attending is being absent-minded. For case. when we are about to travel to specific topographic point to acquire something. we all of a sudden bury what is it that we want to acquire in the first topographic point.

It is normally go oning to us because we sometimes are absent-minded. To bring around absentmindedness. we have to be cognizant of what we are making. Once we are cognizant of it. the following thing that we have to make is concentrate on what we are making. Of class. we need to concentrate our head on our undertaking and be alert all the clip. Besides. happening motive and acquiring inspired aid us to prolong our concentration. Being motivated gives us adequate energy to carry through our undertakings. It helps us to do our encephalon work decently. Besides. it will broaden our mental position if we focus on the positive things that motivate us. With an inspiration. we can easy pull off distractions. and we can be able to remain focussed. Keep in head that paying attending is a witting portion of our lives ( Turkington. 2003 ; Eastaway. 2004 ; Gordon & A ; Berger ; 2003 ) .


In order to heighten our ability to pay attending and to retrieve. we need to make mental connexions between our esthesiss. thoughts. and memories. Meaning. we have to do associations for us to retrieve decently. We all know that memorising immense sum of information can be a nerve-racking undertaking. The inclination to bury that information is really high because our encephalon doesn’t work good at remembering immense sum of information. We can non deny the fact that the names of certain people. topographic points. and things are difficult to remember. However. there are schemes that we can make for us to be able to retrieve. Using some mnemotechnic devices like acrostic. acronym. and method of Loci can assist us to better our attending and memory accomplishments every bit good. ( Eastaway. 2004 ; Turkington. 2003 ; Levy. 2006 ; Smith & A ; Robinson ; 2012 ; Buzan. 2003 )

Turkington ( 2003 ) mentioned that when utilizing word squares. we can do a sentence in which the first missive of each word serves as an ancestor of what we want to retrieve. For case. we use the sentence “My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nachos” to retrieve the eight planets such as Mercury. Venus. Earth. Mars. Jupiter. Saturn. Uranus. and Neptune. With this sentence. it is easier for us to retrieve the planets in a chronological order. Another device that we can utilize is acronym wherein we can do a word from the first letters of the words that we need to retrieve.

In item. we use “ROY G. BIV” to memorise the sequence of colourss in the light spectrum such as Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Indigo. and Violet. We can besides utilize the acronym “MCL” for us to retrieve the school of Malayan Colleges Laguna easy. Besides. puting what we want to recover in a familiar location can assist us to retrieve good. This is called method of venue. If we want to remember specific points or people. we have to tie in them with topographic points that we know good. It is easier for us to retrieve things when our memories are associated with topographic points. For illustration. we may necessitate to purchase the list of points that we need in our houses.

To retrieve them. foremost. we need to visualise our ain house ( which is really familiar to us ) . after that. we imagine ourselves walking through the suites and analyzing each of them. As we walk through them. we begin to remember the things that we lack of. With this. we can easy retrieve the points that we need to purchase. Notice that in this technique. it has ever something to make with topographic points. This method is more effectual for kinaesthetic scholars. These mnemotechnic devices help to increase our memory and ability to remember information.

Since most of our work involves memorisation. it makes sense to utilize these mnemotechnic devices so that it will be easy for us to remember information when we need it. It is of import for us to cognize that our ability to retrieve varies. Some of us think that utilizing word squares is easier to retrieve. Some think it is better to utilize acronyms. This proves that we have different manner in footings of remembering information. The lone key to utilizing mnemonics is to take a type of mnemonic that is best for us. ( Eastaway. 2004 ; Turkington. 2003 ; Levy. 2006 ; Smith & A ; Robinson ; 2012 )


After doing associations. the following thing we have to make is to better it. We can develop our ability to tie in by visualising. Turkington ( 2003 ) claimed that visual image is a manner of doing mental image of things. We create images in our head to see their colourss. forms. and signifier. It is frequently referred to as a clear and deep imagining. Each and every one of us has a gift of originative imaginativeness. The lone job is. some of us don’t cognize how to utilize and better it decently. We need to widen our imaginativeness for us to concentrate and tie in consciously. To be able to make this. it is of import for us to accept new challenges. to inquire inquiries. and to develop our involvements.

It would be better for our encephalon to research new thoughts particularly when it challenges us to believe critically. That is to state. we have to look into something that is unusual to us. Researching different new thoughts will assist us to hold a originative imaginativeness. It lets us utilize our whole encephalon. and that’s good. If we refuse to seek something new. and if we choose to make something that we’ve already cognize. it will non exert our encephalon. We won’t be able to develop our originative head if we keep on concentrating on the same activity that is already familiar to us.

Whereas when we accept new challenges that takes some mental attempt. it will spread out our cognition and develop a good memory. As we explore new thoughts. it is significant to affect ourselves in our reading. Visualization must ever be present in our reading. As we read. we should conceive of ourselves in the topographic point we are reading about or conceive of ourselves making what we are analyzing. In this manner. it is easier for us to do illations. and therefore. we can really widen our originative imaginativeness.

Besides. we should be non afraid to inquire multiple inquiries and be funny about everything in this universe. It will assist us to spread out our imaginativeness because it gives us the chance to derive more cognition. In fact. it would be better if we learn about the amazing admirations here on Earth. It is indispensable to non take everything for granted because if we don’t catch the chance to research them. we will non be able to come up with our ain thoughts which are really helpful in widening our imaginativeness. Additionally. it will better our creativeness and critical thought accomplishments. Bing funny helps us to go open-minded towards new thoughts and information which we can utilize when we need them. ( Turkington. 2003 ; Smith & A ; Robinson. 2012 )

It is besides of import to develop our involvements. As we start to spread out our concrete involvements. we desire to make a lasting end. We should go on to larn more about the things that we are interested in. If something doesn’t work for us ; so. we should seek another class of motion. With this in head. we have to hold a sense of enthusiasm which will let us to be more interested about something. Therefore. we will be more likely to go on this. and we will hold more experiences which are good to us. In researching new thoughts. it should perfectly be disputing and at the same clip. basking. Alternatively of anticipating them to be merely a waste of clip or insignificant to us. we should be expecting that these new thoughts will be full of enjoyment. As a affair of fact. this will assist our encephalon to treat decently.

This is a existent sense of enthusiasm that we should hold. Furthermore. as we involve ourselves with new thoughts and challenges. we should believe of how to descry favourable fortunes for betterments. With this purpose. we should be a good perceiver. Bing a good perceiver plays an of import function in tie ining and visualising. Of class. the ground why we expand our wonder is to happen the replies to our inquiries. To be able to happen them. we should make an observation. It is of import to understand the things around us because the more we observe them. the more we will gestate them. ( Turkington. 2003 ; Smith & A ; Robinson. 2012 ; Eastaway. 2004 ) Be physically and mentally fit

For us to be able to pay attending. associate. and visualize good. we should be physically and mentally fit. Making physical and mental exercisings will assist us to sharpen and beef up our memory accomplishments. Physical exercising is of import to us for it maintains physical fittingness and overall wellness. It is good for our encephalon because it gives us more energy. additions blood supply and growing endocrines. and abates the opportunities of memory decay. We all know that we can non avoid fatigue. It hinders our encephalon to map good. The best manner to do it function decently is to hold a deep slumber. Exerting day-to-day helps us to loosen up our musculuss and acquire to kip which will function as an assistance for us to be able to remember information and to do our encephalon perform good. Besides. regular exercisings help us to cut down emphasis. It is a fact that all of us have emphasiss that contribute to memory jobs.

Bing physically fit helps us to alleviate emphasis. It improves our temper. and it keeps us from anxiousnesss that make us worry excessively much. Specifically. it increases our assurance which enables us to pull off emphasis. ( Latham. 2006 ; Eastaway. 2004 ) In add-on. it is good for our encephalon to execute mental undertakings because it develops our critical thought accomplishments. If we truly want to sharpen our memory. we need to affect ourselves in different mental activities. We can play cheat. scrabble. and card games like saber saw mystifiers or span.

These mental activities can assist us to believe logically ; therefore. it will decidedly hike our memory accomplishments. The logical mystifier like soduko. for case. helps us to believe critically. It trains our head to treat different sorts of information. inside informations. images and techniques at a fast velocity. As we do the schemes in this mystifier. it helps us to construct nervous connexions into our encephalon which will assist us to sharpen our memory. ( Moore. 2006 ) The most of import of all. it is indispensable to hold a good diet for it besides assist our memory to be watchful and active. We should do certain that all vitamins that we need are in our diet. With a good diet. we will be able to concentrate to the full and to hive away and recover information. There are specific nutrients that are healthy to our encephalon. and they will beef up our memory. To do our memory stronger. we should see the followers:

* Fishes contains good fats. and they are rich in Omega-3. Eastaway ( 2004 ) stated that nutrients that contain Omega-3 are good for our encephalon. They prevent us from holding Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore. if we truly want to hold a good diet. we should eat oily fishes such as Salmon. Tuna. Halibut. Trout. Mackerel. Sardines. and Herring. * We must avoid eating excessively much nutrient that contains Calories and saturated fats. We shouldn’t eat excessively much butter. cheese. rancid pick. and ice pick because they contribute to the memory jobs.

However. it is healthier for our encephalon to eat nutrients that are rich in unsaturated fats because they improve brain’s larning procedure. and they abate the hazard of holding harm to our encephalon. ( Eastaway. 2004 ; Smith & A ; Robinson. 2012 ; Moore. 2006 ) * We should eat more fruits and veggies because they are rich in Antioxidants which are good to our encephalon. It protects our encephalon cells for the possible harm that may go on in our encephalon. ( Eastaway. 2004 ; Smith & A ; Robinson. 2012 ; Moore. 2006 ) * We should eat nutrients that are rich in Carbohydrates for they help our encephalon to map and perform good. They make our head qui vive and active. and therefore it is easier for us to recover information. ( Eastaway. 2004 ; Smith & A ; Robinson. 2012 ; Moore. 2006 )


Given these points. we should now understand that our memories are our of import assets that we should take attention of. Knowing how our memories work and how they fail sometimes. we should maintain in head that we have to develop them. We should maintain in head that the ability to retrieve rapidly is really of import in our lives. We should besides recognize that forgetting is a natural portion of how our encephalons work. It is true that our abilities to retrieve acquire worse as we get older. However. we don’t have to worry excessively much because it is possible for us to beef up and sharpen our memory accomplishments. All we need to make is to pattern bettering our attending. association. and visual image.

For us to be able to better them. we should besides be healthy. physically and mentally. It should now be clear to us that paying attending. doing associations. and visualising drama of import functions in bettering our memory accomplishments. They are really the three keys to hold a better memory because they are the beginnings of all of our penetrations. acquisition. communications. and connexions with others. ( Eastaway. 2004 ) Besides. it is better for us to understand that we can non make these schemes successfully unless we learn them. Of class. it takes clip to larn. If we truly want to accomplish something. we have to give ourselves to it. We have to give our clip and full attending to it. Learn to pattern. and pattern to larn. Keep in head that our memories are invaluable. and we can non replace them whenever they fail to map. We truly have to protect our memories in order to do them healthier. In short. we have to develop our encephalon to derive.

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